Mini Strawberry Cream Pies @createdbydiane
Thai Peanut Noodles Recipe from @createdbydiane
BLT Cole Slaw @createdbydiane
funnel cake @createdbydiane
Fresh Cherry Margarita Recipe @createdbydiane

How to toast coconut in the oven

how to make toasted coconut in the OVEN @createdbydiane

Toasted Coconut is one of my favorites, I love it on a dish of ice cream and even on my dish of yogurt for breakfast, this post will show you how easy it is to toast a whole tray of coconut in minutes to a delicious crispness.     It's no secret I love coconut, I've shared lots of coconut recipes like: Chocolate Coconut Football Cookies, Coconut Lime Scones, Coconut Banana Cake, Coconut Cut Out Cookies, Macaroon Chicks, Easy 3 layer German Chocolate Cake, Raspberry Coconut … [Continue reading]


Maple Bacon Buttermilk Scones

maple bacon scones

Are you ready for some Maple and Bacon Goodness   Well these scones are sure to deliver on flavor. They are really PACKED with goodness. The dough is mixed with BACON, the sweet meets the savory in these scones and they are irresistible. They have a great balance of flavor that will have them disappearing before you eyes! … [Continue reading]


Red Velvet Fudge

Delicious Red Velvet Fudge @createdbydianeedited

Oh if red velvet is your thing, you will LOVE this Red Velvet Fudge Recipe.   I am all out fudge... I just love chocolaty fudge and this red velvet fudge is just chocolaty enough, and has a hint of buttermilk that gives red velvet it's classic flavor. A little tangy sweetness that makes it recognizable. It's so pretty red, it's hard to resist. Perfect for Valentine's Day too. … [Continue reading]


How to BAKE Bacon

How to Bake Crispy Bacon @createdbydiane

I just LOVE crispy bacon, but who doesn't! I started backing bacon in the oven and just LOVE the results. You will too! You will, trust me, if you don't want to stand over the stove turning bacon and hoping it will get crispy before it burns you will LOVE this. See LOVE and BACON go hand in hand over here and really... come to think of it, when do I not have bacon in one hand or the other. LOL! Really crispy bacon is essential, don't you agree? … [Continue reading]


Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad

Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad @createdbydiane

If you like Caesar Salad, just wait until you take a look of this one...     It's made with Brussels sprouts!   <div>Please enable Javascript to watch this video</div>     I am a huge Brussels sprouts fan. I can still remember the first time I had them. A friend made them with some butter and bread crumbs and I thought they were out-of-this-world delicious! They have become one of my favorite vegetables, and they make this Caesar salad over the top … [Continue reading]


Italian Chicken Sandwiches

Italian Chicken Sandwiches @createdbydiane

When given only a few ingredients making each and every one stand out in flavor is essential and what I wanted to create with the Chopped at Home Challenge by Sargento®. I'm partnering with Sargento to bring you this post. I love comfort food, and nothing says comfort food than a hot sandwich. This sandwich is full of Italian Flavors, with crispy coated chicken, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic all topped with Italian Cheese and crisped up on a … [Continue reading]

Malted Milk Cake with Chocolate Malt Frosting

Malted Milk Cake from @createdbydiane with Chocolate Malt Frosting. It's like a WHOPPERS lovers paradise in a cake!

You will certainly want a BIG glass of MILK to go with this yummy cake. It's kind of funny how when I think of chocolate I think of milk, and when I think of milk, well you know there is just going to be something delicious going on... I'm bringing you this post in collaboration with California Dairy Association.     One look at this cake  and for me, well... I know what's in those chocolate balls, MALT. Malt is hard to describe, but oh so delicious. A … [Continue reading]


Chocolate Malt Frosting

Malted Milk Frosting @createdbydiane

If you think a chocolate malt tastes good, just wait until you try this!     I don't know what it is about malt, but I love it. I always have, I loved Whoppers Candy as a kid and still do, they have this great chocolate coating, a huge crunch and that delicious malt flavor. When I worked in an ice cream shop years ago we used a malt syrup. Oh how I would just devour chocolate malt shakes! Making that same great flavor into a frosting is just UNBELIEVABLY good! … [Continue reading]


Roasted Potatoes and Ham with Caramelized Onion Dip

Roasted Potatoes and Ham with Caramelized Onion Dip from @createdbydiane

February is Potato Lovers Month and it just so happens that I LOVE potatoes.  I bet your family will LOVE this fun and delicious dish, full of hearts for all the loves in your life! I'm working with Idaho Potatoes to bring you this delicious recipe.     No matter how you slice them, cut them, peel them, bake them, fry them, grill them... I LOVE potatoes and I'm  sure I've mentioned it a time or two how much I love potato chips and French Fries, they are so hard for me to … [Continue reading]


Caramelized Onions

Caramelized Onions @createdbydiane

Want to add some GREAT flavor to your food. Add Caramelized onions. In this post I will show you how to make them quickly and have them on hand. Take a look:   Caramelized onions are so delicious, they add great flavor to so many dishes. Once they start cooking, everyone comes running to see what's cooking! They are sweet and flavorful and add so much flavor to sandwiches, they are soft enough you can easily spread them on bread. One of my favorite sandwiches to enjoy them … [Continue reading]

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Chicken Meatballs in Plum Sauce

Chicken Meatballs in Plum Sauce @createbydiane

If you are looking for a really delicious and healthy snack, look no further these Chicken Meatballs in Plum Sauce.     These can be make and on the table in 30 minutes. Which is PERFECT for snacking. The over indulgence of the holidays is behind us and it's time to remember how to eat to feel good, what to snack on to stay satisfied and look towards the foods our bodies need to run at their best. New Year's resolutions are easy to make but difficult to maintain. Heathy … [Continue reading]


Buttermilk Pasta Sauce

Buttermilk Pasta Sauce @createdbydiane

It is no secret... I LOVE pasta! This is one of the easiest pasta sauces to whip up quickly.     It's great for when you are cutting calories and want a creamy rich comforting pasta sauce, but most sauces contain a lot of cheese. This one doesn't. … [Continue reading]


How to make Buttermilk

how to make buttermilk @createdbydiane

Many recipes call for buttermilk, if you don't have any on hand this is a great substitute. It happens every now and then, I'll select a recipe that calls for buttermilk, and I didn't plan it out or go shopping chances are I don't have buttermilk then. It's not something I keep on hand usually. So, I make it. … [Continue reading]


Chicken Baked Ziti

Chicken Baked Ziti from @createdbydiane

If you are looking for a new 30 minute meal, look no further...     this is it! It's creamy and delicious without being heavy. It is FULL on flavor, without tons of calories or fat. This is one chicken and pasta dish that will be returning to our dinner table often. I love how easy it is to pull together. Perfect for busy weeknights. … [Continue reading]

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How to make a sauce

How to make a sauce @createdbydiane

I love sauces, really they are something I make for just about everything. They don't need to be high in calorie or fat to taste great. You HEARD me right. Take a look...       In minutes you can have a sauce made for just about anything, and it's not hard to do. Have you tried making sauces but they just didn't turn out right, were their lumps that just wouldn't go away? or Are you so intimidated by the just the thought of making a sauce that you have never really … [Continue reading]

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