Caramel DeLites Samoa Girl Scout Cookie inspired TOFFEE @createdbydiane
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how to make toasted coconut in the OVEN @createdbydiane
maple bacon scones
Delicious Red Velvet Fudge @createdbydianeedited

Turkey and Stuffing Waffles

Turkey and Stuffing Waffles @createdbydiane perfect meal on the go!

There is no better grab and go food after Thanksgiving that these Turkey and Stuffing Waffles. Perfect for a quick breakfast, late night snack or anytime. One of the best parts of Thanksgiving leftovers is the sandwiches, but this waffle incorporates the deliciousness of turkey and stuffing into a crispy grab and go food. These are hard to resist. If you don't have leftover turkey, chicken will work great too. Just think  you could be running out the door for Black Friday … [Continue reading]


Chocolate Espresso Pudding Pie

Homemade Chocolate Espresso Pudding Pie Recipe from @createdbydiane

Chocolate Pudding is a classic dessert, and this is one pie you will want to put on your baking list! I have always loved chocolate pudding, at each and every holiday my mom would make chocolate pudding pie. It was always my favorite and I wasn't the only one either. Pie for breakfast is underrated. I think since pudding has so much milk in it, it makes the perfect breakfast food. I wanted to add some rich and delicious taste to the classic I remembered. It worked! This pie is … [Continue reading]


Cornbread Waffle Turkey Sandwiches with Cranberry Aioli

Cornbread Waffle Turkey Sandwiches with Cranberry Aioli @createdbydiane perfect for thanksgiving leftovers

Make sure you have plenty of turkey left over this Thanksgiving, because you will want to make some of these sandwiches. Trust me! There are so many things to make with leftover turkey, but sandwiches are a classic. Although there is nothing classic about this sandwich, you will want it none the less. It all starts with seasoned cornbread waffles.... oh how these are going to be good for so many sandwich and snacks! Then the turkey gets piled on topped with some spinach … [Continue reading]


Chocolate Bread Pudding

Chocolate Bread Pudding from @createdbydiane

If chocolate is you thing, well you haven't had a delicious chocolate dessert until you've had this warm chocolate bread pudding. I love working with brands that fit my blog. Today I'm bringing you this post thanks to the California Dairy Association.   To begin with this dessert starts will all the best ingredients, let's talk about the bread.. for this bread pudding I wanted a buttery and delicious base, so the bread pudding would be rich in taste, therefore I chose … [Continue reading]


Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus @createdbydiane

These are perfect for the bacon lover, or the one who has a hard time with veggies. I have always love asparagus, now add bacon to it and well... it's irresistible. I really do LOVE bacon that much! These really are perfect for anyone who loves bacon and like I said, they are great for the one who doesn't want to eat their vegetables. I know one of these and this is a hit for them! … [Continue reading]

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How to Roast a Turkey Overnight

How to roast a turkey upside down and overnight @createdbydiane

I have roasted lots of turkeys. I first started doing it the way my mom did it. Then one night, I just knew I was ready for a change. It was 1 am and I had baked all the pies and got everything ready for Thanksgiving day and was exhausted. The thought of getting up early to but the turkey into the oven was not exciting. I decided to slow roast the turkey over night at a lower temperature than I normally would so that I would not have to tend to it. It turned out PERFECT. The … [Continue reading]


Cranberry Lemon Meringue Pie

Mini Cranberry Lemon Meringue Pies baked in Mason Jar Lids @createdbydiane

Cranberries kick up these Lemon Meringue Pies into GREATNESS! Mini pies baked in Mason Jar lids are just the cutest..don't you think?   There are so many cute things going on with these pies, I can hardly contain myself. First I LOVE mini pies, these are baked in Mason Jar Lids... so cute and they are easy to remove from the tins Here is my post on Mason Jar Lid Mini Pies I topped them with meringue piped like a rose, like I do my Rose Cupcakes.  And then take one … [Continue reading]


Mason Jar Lid Mini Pies

Mason Jar Lid Mini Pies @createdbydiane

Imagine your favorite pie, baked in the CUTEST mini version. This post will show you how to bake mini pies in mason jar lids. I use Mason Jars for so many things, but I haven't canned one thing yet. I have one with holes drilled on the top I use to shake flour onto my work surface, which I use for pie crust and pizza dough. and I love baking mini pies in the LIDS they are a great size, and the pies come out of the tins easily, by pressing up on the bottom of the … [Continue reading]


Easy Pie Crust made in a food processor

Easy Pie Crust made in a food processor @createdbydiane

Pie. It's one of the most simple and delicious desserts that seems more complex that it really is. Are you ready to take the guess work out of pie crust?   I've been making pies for years. I recall the first pie I ever made, it was a GLORIOUS Banana Cream Pie, I was young and trying to impress someone. It worked :) There is something impressive about a homemade pie, so wether you are making a pie to impress, or just to enjoy. This post will help you get a perfect pie … [Continue reading]


Roasted Holiday Potatoes

Roasted Holiday Potatoes from @createdbydiane

One Potato, Two Potato, Sweet Potato, MORE...   Holidays mean delicious meals and wonderful side dishes. What ever your main dish, Turkey, Ham or a Roast, this delicious and easy potato dish, will sure be a crowd pleaser. … [Continue reading]


Pumpkin Pie Spice

make your own pumpkin pie spice @createdbydiane

No kitchen should be without pumpkin pie spice, in my opinion of course. I use it for WAY more than just pumpkin pie. I used to buy it in the spice aisle, but when I would run out. I would just whip up a  batch myself and I ended up liking the combination I made. I use pumpkin pie spice all year long. I love it in syrup on pancakes, I love it in pancake batter and well let me see..... Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes, Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies, Chocolate Pumpkin Spice … [Continue reading]

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How to make ketchup

How to make Ketchup @createdbydiane

Homemade ketchup is a need to know, you don't want to be caught with a great burger or fries and not have some delicious ketchup to go with them. This post will show you how easy it is to make ketchup.   Yesterday I shared how to make Crispy French Fries, and I just knew I had to share my recipe for homemade ketchup! It's so worth making, especially if you have some delicious crispy fries or  a burger to put the ketchup on. Have you ever run out of ketchup? I have, and now … [Continue reading]


How to Bake Crispy French Fries

How to bake crispy French Fries @createdbydiane

If you have a weakness for French Fries like I do, then you will want to see how easy it is to bake up a crispy batch to enjoy them anytime!   I LOVE French Fries, and eat them every chance I get. Really, it's almost funny how much I love them. I can't remember a time I didn't LOVE them. When I was little I remember getting a big tub of French Fries while walking along with boardwalk. My mom would Fry up batches of French Fries every so often, it was always such a treat. … [Continue reading]


Maple Pancakes

Delicious Maple Pancakes with Coffee Syrup @createdbydiane.jpg

If you think breakfast should start off delicious every day. Whip up a batch of these Maple Pancakes and it will become a reality! Serving up a stack of hot Maple Pancakes with some warm this Coffee Syrup, is  a sure fire way to see lots of smiles at the breakfast table! I just love how comforting pancake are, and the aroma of these maple pancakes with brown sugar, oh my.... that is just pure coziness coming off the griddle! If you are a true maple lover like … [Continue reading]


Chocolate Football Player Cookies

Chocolate Covered Football Player Cookies @createdbydiane

Double chocolaty delicious football player cookies that are NECESSARY to cheer on your favorite team! Do you sit in front of the TV and watch the by play until the whistle is blown? or you are just listening to the big game in the background? I'll give you one guess what I'm doing when the game is on... and if you guessed baking and eating cookies, you guessed correctly! Game days NEEDS cookies! Taste testing goes without question. These adorable football … [Continue reading]