German Chocolate Cake

German Chocolate Cake @createdbydiane

For the LOVE of coconut.... this cake will knock their socks off. I'm not sure who created German Chocolate Cake, but it's not German at all. I was looking for a dessert to bring to a party where they were serving all types of German food, I was sure no one would pass this one up, German … [Read more...]


Mint Madeleines

Mint Madeleines @createdbydiane

Oh how I love chocolate and mint together, one of my favorite things is chocolate chip mint milkshakes. This time of year, it is really hard to resist all the thin mints. But the milkshake remains my favorite, until now. I just love how Madeleines have a cake-like texture, and add mint … [Read more...]


Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Galzed Peanut Butter Banana Bread @createdbydiane.jpg

I swear some days I think my cat gets into the peanut butter jar, really he smells like peanut butter. I don't know how that can be, but it's true. So if I pick him up, do you know what happens... YES, I want peanut butter! Well if you like peanut butter like I do then you are in for … [Read more...]


Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Banana-Bread

Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Banana Bread @createdbydiane

If you like gingerbread and chocolate together like I do you will really want to sink your sweet tooth into this delicious banana bread with a gingerbread and chocolate. I bought some extra bananas just so I could make this. If I didn't plan it out that way I was afraid the bananas would … [Read more...]


Pumpkin Pecan Banana Cake

Pumpkin Pecan Banana Cake @createdbydiane

I struggle with calling bread cake. I know quick breads can be sweet, but I guess I'm just more of a cake girl, and saying I can have cake for breakfast is....well..... FUN! I couldn't resist drizzling caramel all over the tops of this one, really trust me it was worth the sticky … [Read more...]


Chocolate Chip Halloween Mummy Cake

Chocolate chip mummy cake @createdbydiane

Halloween is creeping up upon us soon, I wanted to make a cake that was mummy, but know I didn't want to do fondant on the outside. I found this piping tip to be perfect with buttercream. The edges look a little tattered, just how a mummy should look! I used chocolate covered Oreos for … [Read more...]


Oreo Cake

oreo cake @createdbydiane

One look at those dark chocolate cookie crumbs... you know the them maybe you know them VERY well. They are Oreos. Have you ever snuck a sleeve or two up to bed for a midnight snack and then well, just maybe found crumbs the next morning? Oh, ok maybe it was just me. Just imagine … [Read more...]


Hershey’s Cookie Cake

Hershey's Cookie Cake @createdbydiane

This week my phone has been ringing off the hook, really I can't seem to set it down for more than a minute sand it's ringing again. Mind you the calls are of NO interest to me, how on earth did I get on some obnoxious calling list and someone.... PLEASE tell me how do I get off of it! I … [Read more...]