Valentine Pretzel Toffee

Valentine Pretzel Toffee @createdbydiane

It's February is upon us and that means all things pretty, heart shaped, pink and red are upon us. This is one of these recipes you will want to have on hand, trust me! … [Read more...]


Green Chicken Chile Dip

Green Chicken Chile Dip from @createdbydiane

Sometimes dip is more than just dip. This is one of those times. This dip is delicious and filling. Can't most dips say that? I don't think so. I can usually eat a bag of chips along with dip and still be hungry for a full meal, please don't judge. Please don't tell me I'm the only one. … [Read more...]


Christmas Deviled Eggs

Christmas Deviled Eggs (Healthier) @createdbydiane

 eggs have LONG been a staple at Holiday tables, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas... and there is no better time to dress them up than Christmas, I dyed the white part of the eggs, red and green and I know that there is one person in particular who will be eating the majority … [Read more...]


how to perfectly roast pumpkin seeds

How to PERFECTLY roast pumpkin seeds @createdbydiane

Every Fall tons of pumpkins are carved and for some there is the BIG question of throwing out the pumpkin seeds or try to roast them. Today I'm sharing my secrets with you on how to roast them perfectly. Are you ready? You start by boiling them. You heard me right. You boil them … [Read more...]


Salty Sweet Pretzel Toffee

Salty Sweet Pretzel Toffee @createdbydiane

  If you are anything like me... salty sweet is where it's AT! This is like chocolate covered pretzels KICKED up a big notch! You like toffee, right? This toffee is easy to make  and believe me it does not disappoint. It's salty sweet crunchy and smooth all at once, how is that … [Read more...]


Mexican French Bread Pizza

Mexican french Bread Pizza from @createdbydiane.jpg

French Bread Pizza gets an updated twist. Crusty French Bread gets slathered with refried beans and topped with some taco favorites. A great appetizer, snack or main dish everyone will be asking you to make more of these. Perfect for parties and get togethers. They can be assembled ahead of time … [Read more...]


How to make Red White and Blue Deviled Eggs

How to Color and Prepare Skinny Deviled Eggs @createdbydiane

Deviled eggs are classic. You see them at every picnic, BBQ, and summer party. July 4th is one of the biggest summer celebrations and these deviled eggs are PERFECT, they are red, white and blue, they are easy to make and I'm giving all my tips for perfect hard boiled eggs away along with how … [Read more...]


Proscuitto and Cantaloupe Appetizers

Proscuitto and Cantaloupe #food #appetizer @createdbydiane

Did  you ever have one of those day, when all you want to do is lay by the pool and have someone bring you something to eat and drink? I sure do! Well no one brought me this, I made it all by myself and you can to, but then put in on a pretty platter and hop on a lounge chair and pretend … [Read more...]