Antipasto Appetizer

Summer is in full swing here and that means at the drop of a hat I will be whipping up some things to take with us with no advance notice, this Antipasto Appetizer is just perfect for times like that.

Antipasto (Antipasti-plural) means before the meal.


I just love snacking before the meal.

This is quick and easy to assemble, I used mini aluminum foil cupcake liners for these, I’ve also used small plastic cups, the type you get a to-go dressing in.

What you’ll need to make this quick and easy Antipasto Appetizer:

Grape tomatoes

cucumber (peeled and cut into small pieces

fresh mini mozzarella balls

Pepper Salame-cut in quarters ( I use Columbus Salame just like I did in the pressed sandwich)

Arugula or basil (I used Arugula on these)

Balsamic Creme-a drop or two ( I like Earthy Delights and I used it on this goat cheese pizza too)

Aluminum  or plastic cups and tooth picks.

(Sticking the tooth picks in the tomatoes made it easy to grab as the tomatoes are firm and the tooth pick holds up in them.

You could add olives, pepperoncini, if you prefer provolone cheese that would make a nice alternative also.

A great cold appetizer on a hot day that takes minutes to prepare.





I’ve made appetizers kabobs that are skewered onto sticks, but have found they are sometimes harder to eat, although they look great. This is a great alternative and certainly easier to assemble. The addition of pasta is nice also.

antipasto appetizer Skewers @createdbydiane

Here is another great appetizer.

I cooked tortellini then put Italian dressing on it and placed it in the fridge until I was ready to assemble the skewers (I made them the night before to save time)
I added black olives, salami, provolone cheese, parsley and pepperoni to the skewers.

These take time to put onto the skewers so plan ahead, then put them all in the fridge until the party.

These are delicious and filling and enjoyed by all!



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  1. 3


    Oh, I LOVE these! I never thought of putting them in a handy little aluminum muffin cup . . . . BRILLIANT, I tell you . . . JUST BRILLIANT! These are going to be a definite in my summer gatherings going forward! Thanks so much for the great idea!

  2. 10


    These look fantastic!! Perfect appetizers for any occasion, love it! Great blog you have here and so glad to be your newest follower! :)

  3. 11


    These look so yummy, i love using toothpicks or other skewers like these for food, it looks refreshing and you had me with tomato and mozzarella balls. Delicious!

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