Rice Pudding

Ever since I was young, rice pudding has been a favorite of mine. I felt like the luckiest kid on earth when I’d get home from school and there would be a huge bowl of homemade rice pudding, just waiting for me. It was all for me, right? I ‘d ask how much am I aloud to have. I always hoped the answer was going to be, as much as you want. I would have eaten rice pudding  for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Who and I kidding, I still would, except I’m still working off all the winter comfort foods (and baked goods from Christmas).

Since we were all gathering for a wonderful family meal with my parents yesterday. I thought it would be the perfect time to make my moms rice pudding. Glad to tell you it passed her with flying colors!

There was the only amount of rice pudding left over.

Hmmm… what’s a girl to do. I took out two spoons and planned on sharing.

Only once I ate half, I couldn’t resist and had to eat the other half.

Shhh… don’t tell.

Maybe no one will notice it’s all gone.

It’s a shame really. Guess I’ll just have to go shopping buy a new pair of pants, stretchy ones and make another batch. It is that delicious!

This is my moms rice pudding recipe (printable). I think she has the most

beautiful handwriting!

Onto the rice pudding!

It all stats with milk and rice and some salt

lots of stirring, but really worth it!

once the rice it tender

combine the remaining ingredients

turn the temperature to low and slowly add the egg mixture to the rice mixture while stirring.

Once it’s all combined and heated throughout, pour it into a large casserole dish and sprinkle on some nutmeg and chill the rice pudding, but certainly have a bowl or two just to make sure it’s perfect. I did!

You could chill it in individual dishes, I scooped it out and served it with jelly beans for Easter the next day. The kids love it!


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  1. 1

    Rice Pudding is one of my most favorite things in the whole universe!! This looks amazing!! :)

  2. 3

    That is my mom’s recipe for rice pudding too! Are we long lost siblings?? GREG

  3. 5

    Hard to believe, but I’m a rice pudding virgin (actually I’m a virgin on so many food levels LOL) Looks wonderful and I see the heart!

    • 6

      Paula, you have me laughing!!! I’d try to describe this to you, but most likely make it sound funny. Tastes like custard. There is a Mexican drink called Horchata that tastes just like rice pudding :) see I’m really no help, I live close to Mexico, not you. It took me all morning to come up with that photo, the whole time it was missing the heart. You are so inspiring! I think I’m going to add a heart to more of my recipes :)

  4. 7

    The perfect comfort food. How great to have your Mom’s recipe. Love the jelly bean idea.

  5. 8


    My best friend’s granny used to make it for us and I still have her handwritten recipe around here somewhere…

    Still have yet to make it for my kids.

  6. 9

    This is GORGEOUS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE rice pudding. heck, I love all desserts, and it shows!!! Great recipe! PS- my Nanny’s recipes are some of my most prized possesions. I LOVE seeing her writing and notes…

  7. 10

    Yum! Rice pudding is a favorite from my childhood too. We had a more impromptu recipe made with leftover rice from dinner, milk, sugar, raisins and cinnamon, to taste. This looks so good and worth the condensed milk calories! (: Also, I agree, your Mom’s handwriting is lovely.

  8. 11
    Katherine says:

    Oh BIG YUM, this brings back sweet memories. My darling Mum used to make this for us. Hugs!!!

  9. 12
    Katherine says:

    P.S> I added your blog button to my blog love page!

  10. 13

    I have never liked rice pudding but, yours just looks so homey and comforting that I want to pull out a spoon and just dig in. I also just love your adorable cherry measuring cup and cute spoons. Those would make me want to get in the kitchen and play.

  11. 14

    So super cute with the little heart! 😀

  12. 15

    Awe! The cinnamon heart is such a cute touch!

  13. 16

    These is something about rice pudding… so comforting! Love the added heart – looks great!

  14. 17

    I was just looking up rice pudding recipes. How fortunate that while checking out the attendees of Camp Blogaway I happen upon your most recent post which happens to be just what I’m craving. My computer screen must’ve been burning. Anyway, this looks delicious, and I can’t wait to try it. Also I’m looking forward to finally putting a face to a blog this weekend at Camp.

  15. 18

    Can you believe I have never had rice pudding? It sounds delicious and I have always wanted to try it. Thanks for sharing your mom’s recipe. Those tried and true recipes are the best ones:)

  16. 19

    I DO NOT like rice pudding…but you make it look and sound so YUMMY! Maybe I taste buds have changed….

    On a side note…I’m plan on taking a bunch of recipe cards just like that and make a back splash in my kitchen with them…Cool right??

  17. 20

    I love family recipes, looks so creamy and comforting.

  18. 21

    Oh, that is going on my too try list! looks so yummy

  19. 23

    I’ve always loved rice pudding. Looks so good!

  20. 25
    Haniela says:

    Hello Diane, I’m trying to catch up on some blog surfing and I came across this post and I’m staying.

    I love rice period, one of my favorite foods actually, I love alone, with cheese, in tomato soap and I adore rice pudding.

    Your mom’s handwriting is perfect, really beautiful.

    • 26

      I am going to make it again this week. It went to fast. This time I’m not going to share it :) I wish my handwriting was like my moms!

    • 27

      I love rice too.
      Basmati is one of my favorite types of rice. I think I’m going to try it in the rice pudding next.

  21. 28

    Love, love, love rice pudding! But we always made it with short-grain rice, similar to arborio in Serbia! I feel so guilty for not making it more often for my girls:(
    Woman, I admire your energy – look at all those wonderful and so different photos!

    • 29

      I love rice and will have to try that type too. My next batch I think will be Basmati rice :O

  22. 30

    Now if I was always presented rice pudding with jmelly beans, I may enjoy it more :)

  23. 32

    Rice pudding is comfort food for me. Reminds me of my grandmother. You made the recipe seem easy. Love the way you served it, too. And of course the heart…and your cherry cups..and, and!

    Followed you here from Tidy Mom


  24. 33

    This looks so delicious. I love rice pudding!

  25. 34

    Can’t. Read. Handwriting.

    Looks delicious though!


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