Ice cream makes everything better

I made chocolate scones the other day and blogged about it here I filled some with ice cream and we all enjoyed them. I had one if the freezer, firming up and when I came home later to take a photo….it was gone. I knew right away who the culprit would be and that cute little boy said, I’m sorry I didn’t know..(meaning he didn’t know I hadn’t taken the photo yet) No problem, I’ll just make another. Only problem there, was there was now no ice cream my other child had eaten it all….see what happens when I leave the house!

I finally ended up getting ice cream and here is the ice cream chocolate scone sandwich.

and it tastes so great! Just what summer needs more tempting treats!

Hope you all enjoy your fourth of July weekend :)

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  1. 1

    Catherine says

    mmmmm….. oh I agree….. Ice Cream does indeed make everything better! I think this treat would cure a lot of things!:)

    xo Catherine

  2. 3

    Ingrid says

    LOL, drives me crazy when the kiddos do that! I run around tell all of them not to eat certain things. They've also learned to cut things very nicely if they want to eat anything I make. :)

    Happy 4th!

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