Chocolate Cupcakes with Pretty Frosting

I made these Chocolate Cupcakes when I was wearing my new apron,
 and I made them to match the apron.
I was making cupcakes anyway so why not have them match something so cute.
To my delight the pink frosting came out the exact color I was hoping for.
It’s a bit coral-pink
so I added some orange coloring to the pink and wham-o there was the color I was hoping for.
I love mixing colors to make new and interesting one’s reminds me of being in grade school in art class and mixing all the paint colors.
So my question is what is your favorite color cupcake icing?
I think I found mine.

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  1. 1
    Kelly@Keeping up with Kelly says:

    send some this way =)


  2. 2

    So so cute Diane!! Matching cupcakes… now why didn't I think of that? :)

  3. 3

    Thanks for visiting 990 Square! Your cupcakes and matching apron are too cute!

  4. 4
    Blackberry Jam Cafe says:

    I love these – so so pretty! And how fun to match your new apron. Looks like you're starting the new year right!

  5. 5

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! You have so many yummy recipes I need to try! I totally agree with your color fristing though, pink is my fave too!

  6. 6
    Tracy @ Sugarcrafter says:

    Love the matching cupcakes! :-)

  7. 7

    The cupcakes look great and your apron is adorable! I love the pink frosting!

    Welcome to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!

  8. 8
    shopannies says:

    yours look delicious I would consider maybe a teal or maybe a purple

  9. 9
    doublebatch says:

    I definitely have a LEAST favorite – RED. It takes so much coloring to make a good red!
    But really I just love cupcakes. I'll take any color!

  10. 10
    The Classy Woman says:

    Your cupcakes look delicious, so pretty too! I love anything cupcake, your apron is too cute!

    I was wondering if you have ever used natural food coloring? I know it is quite a bit more expensive but with all of the recent information I've read about the various types of cancer that all of the food coloring causes and their ability to make children hyperactive, I wondered if you had any advice on where to purchase or what brands? The Whole Foods store near my home stopped carrying them, I'm assuming price was the issue.


  11. 11
    greedygrace says:

    Sweet Heaven, these look divine!

    My daughter would love some with pale violet frosting!

  12. 12
    Christine says:

    Wow Diane, your apron & cupcakes are so flippin' sweet looking! LOVE the pink…too pretty:)

    My new fave color is 'Tiffany' blue….you know the color of the little gift boxes their items are presented in? I've decided to embrace it. Our cottage accidentally (sort of) was painted in this color last summer and at first I was appalled….but it's growing on me and now I am accessorizing w/the same color inside:) Soooo….I think cupcakes w/this color frosting would be gorgeous!! 😀

    I'm following your blog now:)

    Stopping in to welcome you to SITS and to wish you a Happy New Year!!

  13. 13

    Those came out absolutely picture perfect. I have never baked anything that looked that good – ever!!

    My fav frosting is brown – chocolate baby!!!

    Welcome to SITS! I know that you will enjoy being a part of this vibrant community of bloggers :-)

  14. 14

    Waayyyyy to cute…you do an amazing job….stopping by to welcome you to SITS…I'm so happy you've joined us!

  15. 15
    Ann On and On... says:

    That photo made me drool….I know not the prettiest image, right. 😀

    Cute blog! I love the color of your frosting. Once I made a beautiful spring green, I really liked it.

    Welcome to SITS..the best SITSerhood around! When you have a minute come on over to my blog and enter my apron giveaway.

  16. 16

    Thanks for checking out and joining my blog! I love these cupcakes – they are adorable, especially since they match your apron.

    I love pink on my cupcakes. Even though it's still vanilla, it seems to taste better in pink!

  17. 17

    I usually just leave my cupcake frosting white and then decorate with confections. I also have a nice variety of baking cups to add color.

  18. 18
    Candy and Cake says:

    beautiful cupcakes! Will have to try the cupcake recipe!

  19. 19

    These are AMAZING Diane!! You go girl!!! I love all your creations, but these are truly gorgeous!


  20. 20

    Your cupcakes and apron are cute!