Lost your mittens?

Lost your mittens?
Some how the thought of mittens reminds me of the 
Three Little Kittens,

meow, meow, meow, meow! 

I made plenty. Cookies that is!
I made 6 dozen
 for an annual Christmas cookie and gift exchange  party.
 They were a big hit.
It’s always nice to come home with a variety of cookies.
The gift exchange is always difficult,
hmmm…what to pick, what to pick
Not knowing who will end up with the gift, it can be stolen from the person who chose it up to three times, before it is frozen!
 We all get laughing at how some gift become so popular.
I chose to bring
Back to Basics
Pomegranate shampoo and conditioner and a  gift certificate for a haircutIf you interested in my hair blog, it’s yesidohair.blogspot.com and my twitter is @yesidohair

The hostess of the party stole the gift as she really wanted a haircut and was planning on scheduling it for next week anyway.
 I’m glad the gift went over well.
I also loved trying some cookies for breakfast!
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    Amanda says

    Beautiful cookies!!! Wow!! Six dozen… thats A LOT of sugar cookies to decorate!!

    And I love the gift you brought… so thoughtful and pretty!


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