The best beet salad

I used to say I’ll eat anything except beets,
 that was because I had never had a fresh beet only the canned type
now I eat them all the  time, I just love beets
Here is my favorite beet salad with spinach and goat cheese.
I think the trick to keeping it less messy, if you’ve ever worked with fresh beets you know they are certainly messy, everything turns pink, your cutting board, your hands, and anything you touch.
I put on disposable gloves wash and then peel the beets


and they look so pretty

I bring them to a boil and then turn down the temp. and cook them until tender

drain them and then they look like this

this is the goat cheese I used
sliced it along with the beets and placed it on a bed of fresh baby spinach
drizzled it with Newman’s Own Light Balsamic Vinaigrette (my favorite dressings)

and I really think this is the best beet salad

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