Soup recipes under 30 minutes

Oh my goodness, this is going to make your mouth water!   

soup ebook @createdbydiane


Soup recipes under 30 minutes you’ll make all the time!

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You will receive 20 delicious soup recipes in this ebook.

Each recipe has a mouth-watering photo to show you exactly what the recipe will look like.

These are recipes you will use year round, not just when it’s cold outside.

Each recipe can be made within 30 minutes.

This will be your go to for easy meals your family will love.

You will receive this ebook in a PDF.

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Have a SOUPer day soup recipes you'll make all the time. Under 30 minute soup recipes from @createdbydiane



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  1. This soup looks great. there are a lot of vegetables. great recipes. thank you. enjoy! I must try to do this dish tonight :)) just 30 minutes after all. quickly >. <

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