No Stale Cake!

The best tip for making sure you have no stale cake after you’ve sliced it.

It’s true, bread and tootpicks can really save your cake!

From getting stale that is.

My mom has done this for as long as I can remember. I used to think it was funny when I’d look in the refrigerator and see a cake with bread holding onto it by toothpicks. I knew what it was for, but it always looked funny.

There is no chance that when you bake a cake and cut a few slices from it, you’d want to waste one piece of all your hard yummy work by having even a crumb go stale. Right?

This is how did I ke[t my Red, White and Blue Cake from going stale after I cut a few slices from it. The other option would have been to eat the whole cake. I had already eaten a few cupcakes so that wasn’t going to happen, but I knew I’d probably want a piece of cake for breakfast the next day and there is nothing worse than stale cake!


To prevent the cake from going stale. Place a piece of bread or two on the sliced area of the cake and hold it there with toothpicks. The bread will get hard and stale, but the cake will stay nice and soft.

Just be sure to remove the funny bread before serving more cake 🙂


stale cake @createdbydiane


  1. I do this with Christmas cookies too. Put a piece of bread in the tin before you mail it and the cookies will stay moist!

  2. I love this trick. I use it on cupcakes so that they don’t dry out over night before I can get the frosting on them. (I work during the day so cupcakes are a 2 day job for me LOL, bake one night, ice them the next night)

  3. Great tip, thank you! 🙂
    I always remember My grandma threw bread In her tupperware of cookies to keep them soft too, works like a charm.

  4. I knew about bread for stale cookies, but I never considered cake. This is brilliant! Thank you!

  5. What a great idea! I’ve always used a slice of bread to keep my cookies and brownies fresh but I’d never thought of it on cakes… how simple and useful, thank you!!!!

  6. That’s hilarious. Though when I do make cake, it rarely lasts long enough to worry about it. We only had a few slices remaining from the birthday party over the weekend and I just tossed them in some tupperware. If I ever had a large section left I’ll be sure to use this trick!

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  10. How long does this last? And do you think it’d work on an entire cake?
    I’m thinking of attempting to make a house cake out of cake bricks but without icing them I need to find a way it won’t go stale overnight!

    1. I would put Saran Wrap on un-iced cake a store it in fridge. You could crumb coat the cake the night before and frost the next day also. The bread will work, depending on the size and shape, Saran Wrap may be easier than trying to fit bread on it.

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