Hot Pretzels

Hot Pretzels are a HUGE weakness of mine, and I often make them at home. 

These are irresistible, like love knots! 


VIEW full recipe here

I don’t know what it is about hot pretzels that is so appealing to me. Every time I see hot pretzels I want one. I’m disappointed if they are not fresh and bread-y. Making them at this late hour is not in the cards today. Seeing as they are best straight out of the oven, that means I would have to consume all of them. Which will not make for a energetic morning tomorrow. Tonight I am just going to have to reminisce about the hot pretzels I’ve made and hope I have enough time tomorrow to make some. Even tied in a knot they look like hearts and that’s a sure sign they are made with LOVE!

I linked up my original posts under each photo if you need the recipe 🙂


  1. Ohhh – those look so good! I am always tempted by those pretzels shops at the mall. I really need to learn how to make them myself. Yum!


  2. Yummy! I love baked pretzels and homemade must be delicious. My kids would love these. Me too with some mustard! Thanks!

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