Cranberry Lemon Meringue Pie

Mini Cranberry Lemon Meringue Pies baked in Mason Jar Lids @createdbydiane

Cranberries kick up these Lemon Meringue Pies into GREATNESS! Mini pies baked in Mason Jar lids are just the cutest..don't you think?   There are so many cute things going on with these pies, I can hardly contain myself. First I LOVE mini pies, these are baked in Mason Jar Lids... … [Read more...]


Cheesy Olive Crostini

Cheesy Olive Crostini @createdbydiane

Here is just one more way to enjoy olives, other than sticking them on the ends of your fingers. Fess up , you do that don't you? I do, it's one of my favorite ways to eat them. I recall sitting at the dinner table as a kid putting all the olives on my fingers and now I get to do it any time I … [Read more...]

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Lemon Waffle Cookies

Lemon Waffle Cookies from @createdbydiane.jpg

Now there is no reason not to have waffles all day long... These waffle cookies remind me of fresh made waffles and ice cream at the board boardwalk, I'm not sure must be the sweet smell of them baking or that slightly sweet lemony taste of lemonade I recall getting there too. I have … [Read more...]


Lemon Sprinkle Cookies

Lemon Sprinkle Cookies @createdbydiane

Lemon Sprinkle Cookies may just be my NEW favorite cookie! It's all about lemon this week at my house, it seems like I've made everting with the wonderful taste of LEMON. I just love the colors of these sprinkles they are so bright and cheery, and these cookies not only look like spring … [Read more...]


Lemon Bread Pudding

Lemon Bread Pudding @createdbydiane.jpg this easy recipe is great with leftover Hot Dog Rolls!!!

Labor Day is quickly approaching and that means there will be lots of Grilling, BBQ-ing, Cookouts, Picnics and Parties. That usually means there are lots of hot dogs and hamburgers being consumed. I know over the years they have started selling packages of 8 hot dogs and packages of 8 buns, so … [Read more...]


Lemon Saffron Salad Dressing

Lemon Saffron Salad Dressing @createdbydiane.jpg

I have been eating salad like CRAZY! Let me tell you why... I've been keeping track of what I was eating, which let to eating better, working out and pushing myself to reach new goals. This dressing is the key to my love of salads and I thought you should know that. I knew if I were … [Read more...]


Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Italian Buttercream Frosting

Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Italian Buttercream Frosting @createdbydiane.jpg

Follow my blog with Bloglovin It's true I'm a little LEMON obsessed. I can never seem to have enough lemons. I buy them by the bag full and still never seem to have enough. I also get lots of lemons from the lemon trees at my moms house too. You can imagine that is a lot of lemons. So … [Read more...]


Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Lemonade @createdbydiane

Oh my goodness summer is just flying by. Only a couple more weeks and my kids will be back in school. I want summer break to be longer, who exactly do I contact about that! It seems like just when the weather is heating up around here the kids all head back to school and well..... by the … [Read more...]


Mini Lemon Funfetti Cakes

Mini Lemon funfetti Cakes @createdbydiane

Cake was invented for celebrating. I'm convinced of it! It doesn't matter if it's a major celebration or just a simple celebration of two friends getting together, there is always time for celebrating and cake is always necessary. At least I think it is. These fun little mini cakes are the perfect … [Read more...]


Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes @createdbydiane

Remind me not to leave home without headphones. PLEASE! I went on vacation without them. I was desperately begging my son and daughter to share theirs, and well I bet you can imagine how that worked out for me. Actually my little guy gets the award for forfeiting them a few times. I did … [Read more...]


Lemon Shortbread with Lemon Curd

Lemon Shortbread with Lemon Curd @createdbydiane.jpg

I see flowers blooming and the bright colors popping up everywhere. It's SPRING! I just love that we turned the clocks ahead and there is more daylight. Our tree blooms early and it's so pretty. I look forward to it blooming all year. Dwarf Avondale Red Bud Tree I just love it, the only … [Read more...]


Lemon French Toast

Lemon French Toast @createdbydiane

Yeah Breakfast really is IMPORTANT! That is why it will be important to make this Lemon French Toast and well if you like lemony things like Lemon Basil Bundt Cakes, wonderful Lemon Buttercream Frosting, Lemon Scones, Lemon Risotto and Lemon Poppy Cookies you'll LOVE this. It's really … [Read more...]


Chicken Francaise

Chicken Francaise Recipe and How to instructions from Created by Diane Food Blogger

For more than 20 years I've been in love, not only with my husband but with Chicken Francaise. I am the type of person that when I like a dish, I can't get enough of it and want it all the time. It was no different with Chicken Francaise, except I wanted to know how to make it. Not just … [Read more...]


Lemon Risotto

Lemon Risotto Recipe @createdbydiane

I just LOVE lemon! Lemon Cookies, Lemon Scones, Lemon Basil Bundt Cakes, Lemon Buttercream Frosting and of course I put lemon in my Blueberry Basil Lemonade. Yeah, I put lemon in just about everything. So risotto was no different, I knew if it started with my favorite flavors it would turn … [Read more...]


Mini Lemon Basil Bundt Cakes

Lemon Basil Mini Cake Recipe with Lemon Icing

  Don't you just love when you know you have important things to do but simply forget them. It may not happen often, but when it does. LOOK OUT. I knew I needed printer ink, even though I don't recall any indicator reminding me that the ink was low. I figure it out all on my own, … [Read more...]