Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate penaut butter chocolate chip cookies @createdbydiane

If you love chocolate and peanut butter then you are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these cookies!     I will say these have become my favorite cookies lately, they are chewy and delicious and full of chocolate and peanut butter flavor. I love how big they are. When it come to … [Read more...]


Strawberry Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Biscotti @createdbydiane

If you like icing, this strawberry icing is not only delicious it's so pretty too! I'm trying to think up more recipes to put it on. I love all things pretty, pink and red this time of year and well.. to tell the truth I LOVE strawberries all year long. I can never seem to buy enough of … [Read more...]


Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Banana-Bread

Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Banana Bread @createdbydiane

If you like gingerbread and chocolate together like I do you will really want to sink your sweet tooth into this delicious banana bread with a gingerbread and chocolate. I bought some extra bananas just so I could make this. If I didn't plan it out that way I was afraid the bananas would … [Read more...]


Coconut Banana Cake

Coconut Banana Cake @createbydiane

Yes, I eat cake for breakfast... Every chance I GET! It has bananas in it, so it's breakfast food, right? And when you think about it, this is half the calories of all the cakes I see in my local coffee shop, so that right there means it's good for me in the morning. I like figures, … [Read more...]


Chocolate Cherry Coconut Buttermilk Scones

Chocolate Cherry Coconut Buttermilk Scones @createdbydiane

As you know I just love scones. They really are so delicious, I could eat them morning, noon and night. And I do sometimes, there is no set time to have a scone. These combine the delicious tartness of cherries along with coconut and chocolate and really nothing could be better if you ask … [Read more...]


Chocolate Chip Banana Cake

Chocolate Chip Banana Cake @createdbydiane

Oh my gosh don't you just HATE it when.... bananas go ripe too fast? By hate I really mean LOVE! Because then you get to make this I usually have trouble on where to file banana bread, is it a bread or cake? Well not to worry on this one, I figured since there are chocolate chips in … [Read more...]


Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake @createdbydiane

It's cookie time! Well really there is no better time for cookies than anytime if you ask me, especially chocolate chip cookies. They are just the BEST! I can't think of a better way to serve them up than to pile them high with frosting, can you? This is the perfect little cake for one, or … [Read more...]


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie (Skookie)

Pumpkin one pan skillet cookie how-to pizookie-skookie

Some days I just want to smother my worries in sweets. This is one of those days! I don't like to worry and be upset. I'd rather be worry free and happy. As we all know all days aren't happy and we have to deal with the reality that there are days that we worry and are upset. I worried years ago … [Read more...]


S’more Cookies

Baked S'more with Teddy Grahams

S'more Cookies They are so good you want S'MORE! A new favorite in my home are these Chocolate Chip--Teddy Graham-- S'more Cookies :) The great taste of a S'more in a baked cookie, which is great if you'd like to take a bunch of S'more on the go. I have a funny story about Teddy Grahams. While we … [Read more...]