Lemon Bread Pudding

Lemon Bread Pudding @createdbydiane.jpg this easy recipe is great with leftover Hot Dog Rolls!!!

Labor Day is quickly approaching and that means there will be lots of Grilling, BBQ-ing, Cookouts, Picnics and Parties. That usually means there are lots of hot dogs and hamburgers being consumed. I know over the years they have started selling packages of 8 hot dogs and packages of 8 buns, so … [Read more...]


Coconut Banana Cake

Coconut Banana Cake @createbydiane

Yes, I eat cake for breakfast... Every chance I GET! It has bananas in it, so it's breakfast food, right? And when you think about it, this is half the calories of all the cakes I see in my local coffee shop, so that right there means it's good for me in the morning. I like figures, … [Read more...]


Patriotic Cake

Patriotic Cake @createdbydiane #july4 #cake #recipe

Lots of funny things can happen in a week. Some of funny ha, ha... some not so much. Things don't always turn out like I plan, this cake is one...more on that in a minute. I did think that when my husband asked me to glue his shoes this week, he was just adding on more wifely duties to … [Read more...]


Oatmeal Cinnamon Banana Cake

Oatmeal Cinnamon Banana Cake @createdbydiane

  This is the perfect item to have all stacked up on the kitchen counter. It's irresistible, I know that for a fact because pieces were disappearing...coincidentally as soon as someone walked would walk by. There goes 1...2...3...pieces, I had to hurry and get a piece for … [Read more...]


Cinnamon Madeleines

Cinnamon Madeleines #recipe @createdbydiane

I can hardly believe the school year is coming to an end. I celebrate the days my kids have off far more than the days they are in school. For some they like the break when the kids are in school and although I may agree on moments, I truly really love having them around. Don't get me wrong, … [Read more...]


Chocolate Cake with Coffee and Cinnamon

Chocolate Cake with Coffee and Cinnamon @createdbydiane

Coffee and Cinnamon are right smack in the middle of this chocolate cake and believe me that is exactly where they belong! I took my favorite chocolate cake recipe that my mom has made me for so many birthdays, it's hard to keep track. The addition of coffee and cinnamon will now be a … [Read more...]


Chocolate Chip Banana Cake

Chocolate Chip Banana Cake @createdbydiane

Oh my gosh don't you just HATE it when.... bananas go ripe too fast? By hate I really mean LOVE! Because then you get to make this I usually have trouble on where to file banana bread, is it a bread or cake? Well not to worry on this one, I figured since there are chocolate chips in … [Read more...]


Pumpkin Mocha Donut Cake

Pumpkin Mocha Donut Cake @createdbydiane

If you like donuts.... and coffee.... and pumpkin.... well then you have stopped by the right place today! It's a Pumpkin Mocha Donut Cake. It has all the delicious flavors of a Pumpkin Mocha, mixed with the best parts of a filled donut and yes there are cute sprinkles on top as well! … [Read more...]