Peppermint Fudge

Peppermint Fudge @createdbydiane

Peppermint is a classic Christmas Candy, shaped like candy canes and round mints that have an irresistible cool taste. This fudge turned out such a pretty pink color, and the minty goodness is obvious as soon as you take the lid off one of these cuties. The individual sized fudge is … [Read more...]

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Gingerbread Fudge

delicious gingerbread fudge recipe and printable from @createbydiane

I have loved fudge for as long as I can remember, and oh how fun this GINGERBREAD Fudge is!       This recipes makes for an easy to give gift and also great for portion control snacking! I've made Gingerbread Cookies, Gingerbread French toast with Gingerbread … [Read more...]


Reindeer Noses (how to and printable)

Reindeer Noses @createdbydiane.jpg

You know Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen  ,Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen and don't forget Rudolph this won't be any fun at all if you leave him out! In a few minutes you can have these all fixed up and ready to deliver and they will receive a WOW reaction. Gather up some malted milk balls, … [Read more...]


Kitchen Tips: favorite uses for paper towels

Favorite uses for paper towels @createdbydiane

  Favorite uses for paper towels: There are so many essentials to have in the kitchen. One I really have trouble living without is paper towels. If the paper towel holder is left EMPTY, I will just about scream. Inevitably I will go to it a dozen times in the minutes before it’s filled … [Read more...]


Diaper Cake… No baking required!

What a fun project. I was surprised how quickly this was to assemble. I started by just fanning out some diapers like you do with a deck off cards, but after the first layer realized it wasn't so critical. Once I secured them with a ribbon, I could adjust them a bit, if they weren't … [Read more...]


simple gifts

Sometimes the simple gifts are best I bought some herbs and attached a recipe card that coordinated with each herb. I love practical presents and hope others do to :) … [Read more...]


Father’s Day Card

What cute Father's Day cards! I used stiff paper, it might be easier with thinner paper, but what ever you make them out of Dad is sure to like them. You can make them out of think fabric or paper napkins also, such a great idea when everyone sits down to dinner to see shirts on all their … [Read more...]


Williams-Sonoma Calphalon Party

Everything was ready for my friends to arrive...   I was very excited to be hosting this party. Williams-Sonoma and Calphalon have such wonderful products.  I couldn't wait to show all my friends what they had sent me for an easy and elegant dinner party. I received two Calphalon pans, one … [Read more...]


Candy Rosebuds

Candy rosebuds for Valentine's Day  This is a quick Valentine's craft idea place two Hershey's Kisses with flat bottoms together and wrap them in plastic wrap, (leave at least a 2 inch tail to secure it)  attach them to a floral pick and add a silk flower leaf or make some from green paper use … [Read more...]


How much do you like dessert?

Have you ever gone out to eat and saw the dessert cart and knew how great it was going to be to top your meal off with one of those mouth watering desserts afterward. Well so have I, only sometimes I overeat and can't quite seem to fit the dessert in after I've consumed my plate of food along … [Read more...]


organized baking supplies

I wanted to organize my baking supplies and I was delighted when I won these labels from a giveaway at  I Heart Food 4 Thought I just love this blog always something fun the labels are from  studio jk vinyl and the blog is  HERE they offer a variety of vinyl decals for any … [Read more...]


How to make Tissue Paper Flowers

  Paper Flowers The last time I remember making paper flowers was when I was about 13 and it was my father's 25th High School Reunion. I remember I made a giant one for the center of the room that hung from the ceiling that was blue and lavender, and small arrangements for each … [Read more...]