Pomegranate Orange Sauce perfect for Ham

It feels so cold I think it may snow! Chances are it won’t. We had a few flurries a few years ago, but it doesn’t typically snow in Southern California. It sure feels festive though. Cold, crisp weather reminds me of Christmas in the East Coast. I recall driving around for hours to find the right Christmas tree to cut down, funny how some memories just pop into you head. We often had ham for Christmas dinner when I was growing up. I always loved the brown sugar and pineapple. Thinking of a sweet fruity topped ham had me thinking the since you can easily find precooked ham, it would be great to have an easy sauce to help get dinner on the table in minutes.


Pomegranate Orange Sauce

1 cup pomegranate juice

2 cups sugar

1 orange, zested and juiced

1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper

Bring juice and sugar to a boil, turn to low and simmer 5 minutes or until thickened, stir in crushed red pepper. Stir in orange juice and zest.

pomegranate orange holiday ham @createdbydiane

Ham is great for a large gathering, or if you’re like me and LOVE the leftovers.

Farmer John is based in Southern California. What you may not know is that Farmer John is the only packaged meat brand based here in L.A., celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. As the makers of the famous DODGER DOG® hot dogs at Dodgers Stadium, no one understands the local flavors of Southern California better than Farmer John. They asked for a locally inspired recipe and since Southern Calfifornia is known for it’s oranges and pomegranates. 

Farmer John Hams are available in California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii.


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    Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    What I’d like is for my brother to be healthy, but I doubt that’s what you meant. So, what I’d really like is for my house to be clean. Maybe I’ll get a housekeeper 😉

    The pomegranate orange sauce sounds delicious and we love ham!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

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    Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I like you on Facebook and wrote on your wall

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    Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I shared your FB page (using the Share link on the left sidebar), but Facebook wouldn’t let me tag you in the comment–sorry

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    I wanted a lens for Christmas this year and I already got it! I ruin Christmas, don’t I?

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    I like your facebook page already :)

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    I tweeted http://twitter.com/TheLittleKitchn/status/1471951… and I follow you!

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    Looks delicious, Diane. We have a pomegranate tree and we had so many pomegranates this year.

    Honestly, I would just like a lovely holiday with my family…to be able to relax and enjoy them. No stresses or worries. But beyond that, if I had to pick something that could be bought with money, I would love the newest iPhone 4S.

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    I already like you on Facebook! :)

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    Even better than the ham is that awesome looking sauce!

  14. 14

    this sauce would perk up the tastebuds for sure.

  15. 15

    What a delicious sauce for ham…it looks like the perfect pairing! I’m getting a practical Christmas gift…2 chairs are being recovered :)

  16. 16

    D — licious!!

  17. 17

    Yum! We are untraditional and do ham for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The fam just isn’t big into turkey, and I’m going to try this for the holiday!

    For Christmas, I would love to have a day of doing absolutely nothing. And not seeing the disaster the house turns into because I do absolutely nothing. And then feel guilty for doing nothing, so I start dishes, straightening, etc. LOL!

  18. 18

    Love this sauce! Pom and orange together = yum!

  19. 19

    My kids just found out they love pomegranates last week! Yay! As for christmas, I just want my kids to have a great christmas. Sure there are things I would like, but I have resigned myself to having a husband who (while sweet) is a TERRIBLE gift giver. So I don’t worry too much about it, I just watch and enjoy the looks on the kid’s faces on christmas morning! That is gift enough!

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    Summer DiGiovanna says:

    This recipe, looks and sounds delicious.
    what I want for Christmas this year is a promise to a better year next year l, one that I’ll be able to provide more to my children! I would also like to ask for a great Christmas for my boys with our families.

  21. 21

    Not entering the contest Diane…your sauce looks wonderful. I wonder if it would change it much if brown sugar were used instead of granulated white?

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    I have my fingers crossed for a new jacket!

  23. 24

    Wishing for a new cellphone!

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    I like ya on Facebook, and left a comment on your wall, girlie!

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    Sally ODonnell says:

    The sauce sounds so good…… For Christmas I am hopping for a couple new kitchen gadgets!
    Thank You, Sally

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    I would like a Kitchenaide mixer for Christmas.

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    All I want for Christmas is for my children to have a great Christmas.

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    What I want for Christmas is for my daughter’s flight from Indiana (college) to home this year to have no delays….is that too much to ask?
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Happy holidays!

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    I follow you on Twitter and tweeted your giveaway!
    Happy Holidays!

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    My Christmas wish would to visit my son during the holiday season.

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    I already “like” you :) you have the cutest delicious-est ideas!
    For Christmas I’d LOVE for ALL three of my babies to have “good” as in well behaved days! That would be AMAZING!

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    I follow you on Twitter and I retweeted about the giveaway.

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    I really want a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for Christmas, but I would be happy if I got a bike:)

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    I want a sewing machine this Christmas

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    Hmmmmm, What I would really like for Christmas: Breakfast in bed, a leisure day at the spa with dinner prepared by my hubby and kiddos. I will settle for a new crockpot though! It is the hardest working kitchen gadget I own aside from me!!!


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