Tri Tip Marinade

Grilled Tri Tip with Cilantro Lime Basmati Rice and grilled corn.

Don’t you just love when you step outside on a summer evening and can smell your neighbor grilling? I do! I may even peek my head over the fence to see what they’ve got going on over there :) In a friendly sort of way of course. I like to guess what they are having. Sometimes I’m a good guesser and sometimes it’s harder to tell. Especially when my neighbor gets out his smoker.  Then I just guess beef. I love grilled beef. I’m going to share with you this dish I made for #grillupyoursummer.

Yes it’s grilling time, so get out your tongs and heat up those grills.

To start my meal, I marinated a 2 1/2 lb Cattleman’s Finest Tri Tip.

Grill up Your Summer
  • 2 limes (Juiced)
  • cumin
  • chili powder
  1. Pour the juice of the limes over the tri tip,
  2. then sprinkle on cumin and chili powder
  3. turn the meat over a few times and marinate it for a few hours if possible (placing the meat in the refrigerator. often it's easy to do this in a gallon zipper bag and just turn the bag over every hour)
  4. Grill the tri tip until it reaches 135 degrees.
  5. Let stand 5 minutes then slice

with the juice of two limes along with chili powder and cumin. I turned if over a few times in the marinade as the afternoon went on and by the time the sun was going down, I heated up the grill and was ready to get started.

While the grill was heating inside I added 2 cups Basmati Rice with a tablespoon of oil in a skillet on medium-high heat and stirred it  until the rice just started to get golden brown. I then added 2 cups water, brought it to a boil, turned it on low and covered it with a lid for 20 minutes. While my rice was cooking I was almost ready to head outside.

I took three ears of corn and pulled down the husks to remove the silk. Ran the corn under cold water to remove any loose silk and be sure they were clean. I pulled the husks back over the corn and brought them out to put on the grill along  with Cattleman’s Finest Tri-Tip.

The grill was nice and hot and I placed the tri tip on the grill along with the corn on the cob.

The husks do get black, but I really love the taste of corn on the grill. I don’t even mind if a few kernels get burnt. Is that odd or does everyone expect to see some black specks in their grilled food like I do.

The meat cooked up pretty quickly as well as the corn, by the time I brought the Tri Tip into the house, the rice was just about done. Perfect timing!

I juiced two limes and chopped a bunch of fresh cilantro to toss into the rice with some chili powder and cumin, about a teaspoon of each.

I cut the corn off with a knife and everything was smelling so good, I could hardly wait to cut into the meat. I did let it rest for a few minutes while I got everything else ready.

I cooked the Tri Tip to 135 degrees. It does cook just a bit more as it’s resting. It was nice and pink inside.


tri tip marinade @createdbydianeCattleman’s Finest is having a Sweepstakes so if you like voting, here is your chance for your vote to be heard and you will also have a chance to win a $50 Smart and Final Gift Card and a Weber 220 Grill.

This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #collectivebias. The opinions are my own.



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  1. 2

    Haniela says

    I love when I can smell something grilling outside! We grill daily in the Summer and I just can’t get enough!
    This looks delicious, love the marinade you used and corn..yum. Love the pictures!!

  2. 3

    Amy @ Dealusional says

    Wow, that looks like a delicious meal! I love the addition of the corn – nothing says “summer” like fresh corn.

  3. 5


    Mmm…if you were my neighbor I’d probably be doing more than peeking over the fence. I’d be drooling… Now I want tri-tip! And that rice sounds fabulous. I’ll need to try it.

  4. 6

    Paula says

    Oh my husband would love you! You grill beef exactly the way he likes it. The dish looks wonderful.


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