Verde Chicken Risotto with How to Video

verde chicken risotto @createdbydiane

  Well it's back to school around here and that means... crazy weeknight schedules... dinners need to be easy and loved by all.   I think it's funny when you have a conversation about something and then a day later it seems like your having the same conversation with someone … [Read more...]


How to ice cookies without a piping bag-Icing the easy way

iced cookies without using a piping bag

These cookies were iced the EASY way, no piping bag. I wouldn't have believed it myself if you would have told me so.Nope, just dipped them into the glaze icing and viola! I'm so happy that I figured out a new way to ice cookies, especially since I had 6 dozen cookies baked and ready to be iced … [Read more...]


Video: How to frost a rose on a cupcake

PinkRoseCupcakes @createdbyDiane

I love rose cupcakes and these are by far my favorite! I love the pretty pink color and the smooth texture of the frosting, take a look at the how to video. It will help you master these beauties! One of my favorite memories as a kid is pink frosting. It's funny how a memory can linger on … [Read more...]