lemon pasta salad with feta cheese

Lemon Pasta Salad with Feta Cheese

I never get tired of pasta salad! There is something about lemon, fresh basil and feta cheese.  Pasta salads are so great, don’t you just love them! I do! I love bringing pasta salad  on summer cook outs, the beach and parties. To tell you the truth, I just LOVE having pasta salad in the…

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lemon scones @createdbydiane

Lemon Scones

Oh how I  love lemon… especially lemon desserts. That wasn’t always the case though, you see when I was younger it was all about the CHOCOLATE I wouldn’t choose anything but CHOCOLATE! Now I’m glad I grew up a bit and branched out because now I LOVE lemon! Save Print Lemon Scones   Ingredients 2 cups flour…

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lemon and asparagus orzo @createdbydiane

Lemon orzo with asparagus

lemon orzo with asparagus I just made myself a quick lunch and it was so yummy! Orzo pasta pan roasted asparagus lemon juice olive oil oregano salt and pepper I just love fresh lemon it doesn’t take much for it to make a plain dish fantastic! I wish I had some feta cheese, Oh, that…

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