Lemon Tuna Pasta Salad with no mayo

lemon-tuna-pasta-salad-no mayo

Summer and pasta salad go hand in hand in my book. They don't heat up the kitchen, they are great to bring to cook outs and I love having them in the fridge for a quick bite to eat especially when I don't want to cook.   Which brings me to my friend Charlie, Do you know Charlie? Well … [Read more...]


Lemon Coconut Friendship Bread

Lemon Coconut Friendship Bread

Lemon Coconut Friendship Bread I made this with a very sweet and thoughtful friend in mind, it is called friendship bread after all. I sure wish she were here to enjoy this with me, I'm glad with modern technology keeping in touch is easier than it used to be, it really helps especially when … [Read more...]


Blueberry Basil Lemonade

Blueberry Basil Lemonade

It's officially summer in my house, the kids are off on summer break. Since they go back to school in August, they don't call it summer vacation anymore, it's just a break. I love when my kids are home. Yes, no homework or projects may be one reason, but I really feel sometimes that I hardly get … [Read more...]


Lemon Pasta Salad with Feta Cheese

I never get tired of pasta salad! There is something about lemon, fresh basil and feta cheese.  Pasta salads are so great, don't you just love them! I do! I love bringing pasta salad  on summer cook outs, the beach and parties. To tell you the truth, I just LOVE having pasta salad in the … [Read more...]


Lemon Scones

Oh how I  love lemon... especially lemon desserts. That wasn't always the case though, you see when I was younger it was all about the CHOCOLATE I wouldn't choose anything but CHOCOLATE! Now I'm glad I grew up a bit and branched out because now I LOVE lemon! Save Print Lemon Scones … [Read more...]