Avocado Salad with Fried Jalapeños and Spicy Avocado Dressing

Avocado and Fried Jalapeno Salad with spicy avocado dressing @createdbydiane

It's really heating up... and I don't just mean the weather. This salad has a great heat going on. Not as much heat as the concrete I was sitting on today, WOW was that hot. I may need to remember to bring a blanket or towel with me and carry it around at all times! The fried jalapeños … [Read more...]


Strawberry Lime & Jalapeño Pasta Salad

Strawberry lime & Jalapeño Pasta Salad @createdbydiane

Hope your summer is going well. It's pretty hot out today and super sunny. I planned to get some must do things around the house done today. Still not sure why making wet footprints in the cement around the pool wasn't on the list, that really would have been a MUCH better idea. Some … [Read more...]


scrambled eggs and french fries

Scrambled Eggs and French Fries @createdbydiane

I just love potatoes at breakfast. Hash browns are always a good thing. But what about those days, you know the ones where you have no potatoes or hash browns anywhere in site. You guessed it...use french fries. I didn't want to heat the oven seeing as it's well over 100 degrees and … [Read more...]


Easy Dinner in Minutes: Chicken Salad! chicken, black beans, corn, jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro, and lime

Easy Dinner in Minutes @createdbydiane

This give a whole new meaning to the term chicken salad. There is no mayo, or canned shredded chicken here. This is a quick and easy dinner I make often. It's great if you have leftover chicken cooked, or if you use a rotisserie chicken, or fried chicken if that is your preference. This … [Read more...]


Mexican Pasta Salad

Mexican Pasta Salad @createdbydiane

I have always loved corn on the cob. When I was a kid we had a large garden and corn was one of the best parts. I still love it and find it irresistable when I see it roasted at boardwalks and fairs. Something so simple and it tastes so great. For this recipe I cut the corn off the cob and roast it … [Read more...]


Mexican Mac and Cheese

Stuffed Jalapeno Pasta

Once you see how easy and delicious this mac and cheese is, you will also know the secret of one of my favorite appetizers that is really the perfect party food!         This was made by pure chance. The chance that I was hungry and I had left over Stuffed … [Read more...]