More than 12 Must Make Jalapeño Recipes

more than 12 must make jalapeno recipes from @createdbydiane

Go grab some JALAPEÑOS...I don't want to sound bossy, but you will thank me. There are MANY must make recipes that you will want to try, trust me!     I have said it time and again, I LOVE Jalapeños and since you are reading this maybe you LOVE them too. If you aren't sure … [Read more...]


Texas Egg Rolls

Texas Egg Rolls @createdbydiane

If you like appetizers chances are you've seen some version of these creamy, cheesy slightly spicy egg rolls on a menu somewhere, if you haven't had them you are in for some deliciousness.   Texas Egg Roll Recipe Pin this onto your appetizer board Pinterest to save it for later! Follow … [Read more...]


Jalapeño Pepper Jelly

Jalapeno Pepper Jelly @createdbydiane

Spicy and SWEET is where it's at today, with this jalapeño pepper jelly!   Jalapeño Pepper Jelly Recipe Pin this on Pinterest to save it for later! Follow Created by Diane on Pinterest to see some delicious recipes! If you visited my blog before then you may know I love jalapeños! They … [Read more...]


Pepper Jack Mac and Cheese

Pepper Jack Mac and Cheese Recipe from @createdbydiane

    When ever I hear "Pepper-Jack" I think of my mom, it's so silly. She loves cheese just as much and I do and I recall her buying Pepper-Jack cheese in the 80's it was a regular item in our fridge. I don't recall it going into Mac and Cheese and well, that was a BIG mistake I just … [Read more...]


Jalapeno Pizza with Avocado

Jalapeno Pizza with Avocado from createdbydiane

It's no secret I love pizza, just ask anyone who knows me. I'm always up for a slice. I refer to a whole pizza as a pie. I'm sure you guessed that already seeing as I'm from the East Coast. Everyone calls it a pie there. It's hard to change how you talk, although I do think my accent is not … [Read more...]


Homemade Gift Ideas: Flavored (Compound) Butters

orange honey butter gift

  Just about this time every year the question gets asked, "What gift are you giving?" whether it's for a teacher, friend, neighbor. This is a wonderful gift. If you don't believe me, make some send it to see and see if I all. Three great things about this gift: 1. it's easy … [Read more...]


Stuffed Jalapeno Bread with Bacon

Stuffed Jalapeno Bread with Bacon

I'm not going to tell you how good this is... or how easy it is to make.... or how I want to eat this everyday... I'm just going to leave it up to you to decide how quickly you can gather these items and get it in the oven :)   Start with a large loaf of bread, this is french … [Read more...]


Cornbread Tamale Bites with Jalapeno, Cheese and Bacon

Jalapeno Stuffed Cornbread with bacon, tamale

Cornbread Tamale Bites with Jalapeno Cheese and Bacon Bite sized comfort food! It's actually cooled off a few nights here and feels like Fall. Well at night it does, it the daytime it's still in the 80's. I love Fall, but still have trouble with the whole daylight saving concept. It's getting dark … [Read more...]


Halloween Party ideas and Pumpkin Jalapeno Chili Recipe

Halloween Party Menu

When I plan a Halloween party, the first thing I think of is the food. Tell me I'm not the only one. For some it's the shopping, decorating, or costumes. For me it's all about the food. This years Halloween Party features my new Pumpkin Jalapeno Chili, I've attempted pumpkin chili before … [Read more...]


Spicy Roasted Corn Soup

I love corn! I've make Roasted Corn Soup, this time I thought I'd spice it up a bit. In a hot skillet I roasted a 1 lb bag white corn, until golden. It's smells so wonderful! You'll know when it's done, just don't burn it, unless of course you like things burnt. On the burner next to the corn I … [Read more...]

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How to make fresh salsa

fresh salsa recipe @createdbydiane

I love salsa! Just about as much as I like chips, and if you know me.... you know I can't pass up chips! Making fresh tomato salsa isn't hard.  I roast the tomatoes and a jalapeño pepper on a grill pan or outdoor grill I dice the jalapeño, cut up the tomatoes,   add 1/2 white onion … [Read more...]