Crab Pasta Salad

Crab Pasta Salad from @createdbydiane #recipe #seafood #pasta

Does anyone you know get a little crabby on Sunday? The work/school week is about to begin and the stress level seem to RISE! The stores are crowded, so if  you need anything chances are it's better to wait until Monday. Although Monday is not a very popular day.... people even start … [Read more...]


Creamy Crab Pasta Sauce

Creamy Crab Pasta Sauce @createdbydiane

Hearing a name sometimes immediately brings an image of someone else you know with that name. I REALLY remember this when we were trying to pick names for our kids. There was a bit of back and forth. No, that names reminds me of a kid who picked on me in school. Yes, I like that name. They … [Read more...]


Crab Mac and Cheese

Crab Mac and Cheese Recipe

  I remember getting Clam Bakes when I was a kid, filled with seafood and all my favorites. It was layered from bottom to top with clams, shrimp, lobster, steamers, potatoes, carrots, corn on the cob and they steam it with a can of beer. Oh it was so DELICIOUS. When I first had it I … [Read more...]


Crab dip and How to make dip more appetizing!

crab dip from @createdbydiane

How many times have you gone to a party and wondered what exactly was in the dip? You know you have. Well maybe not you... but I certainly have. I wish that each dip had a name tag, or at least a HINT as to what it is. Sometimes I just wish dips weren't just piled high in a dish. I … [Read more...]