Mini Gold Kiwi Upside Down Cakes

Gold Kiwi Upside Down Cakes

I love gold Kiwi and look forward to “season” which is from May-Oct. It has a more tropical flavor than the green kiwi that you typically see. The skin is smooth and you can eat it, really it’s not fuzzy. Since this fruit is juicy and delicious and when sliced the size of a cupcakes pan, I thought about making little upside down cakes so the kiwi would end up on the top with a toasted coconut sprinkling.

I was surprised that someone had already came up with this idea…bummer, thought it was going to be origional. There was no photo, just a recipe in grams and ml, since I’m no good deciphering a recipe, I used it for inspiration.

It all started with a buttered pan, all good things start out that way don’t they?

Kiwi Upside Down Cake Recipe

2 gold kiwi (peeled and sliced) I’m sure green kiwi will be delicious too

1/2 cup butter

1/2 cup sugar

1 1/2 cups flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 egg

3/4 cup orange juice

1 cup coconut

Makes 12 upside down cupcakes

Toast coconut in pan on medium until lightly golden. Butter cupcake pan and place  about a 1/2 teaspoon brown sugar in bottom. Add a slice of kiwi into each compartment.

Blend butter and sugar until creamy. Add egg and mix. Next add flour and baking powder along with orange juice mix on medium until blended.

Scoop 3 Tablespoons into each area and top with some toasted coconut.

Bake at 325 degrees (for dark pan) for about 18 minutes.


the coconut will get toastier…..

and when you invert the pan when cooled you can top the little cakes off with some more toasted coconut. I really love the tropical flavor of these with these and think I should have broke out the parasols!


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  1. 1

    These cakes are super cute!

  2. 3

    What a lovely creation. I bet they tastes delicious too. I love that you add the coconut in the recipe. Great flavor combination.

    • 4

      The toasted coconut gave it great flavor and got a little more toasted on top, which then becomes the bottom so the cakes aren’t all mushy. I preferred it to the whole cake being soft.

  3. 5

    That was a great idea you had, Diane – these are really cute!

  4. 7

    Adorable! And all good things do begin with a buttered pan 😉

  5. 9

    Wow, I’ve never even thought to bake with kiwi!

  6. 11
    Yuri - Chef Pandita says:

    So cute :)

  7. 13

    These little cakes are adorable! And I love kiwi, I would happily eat some of these.

  8. 15

    I love gold kiwis – these are so cute – love the idea of upside down kiwi cakes.

  9. 17

    they look great! and I love that they are mini but can I use this recipe but with another fruit? like peach? or would there be bad consequences?

  10. 19
    Angie- Bigbearswife says:

    ooo so tropical!!!!! love them!

  11. 20
    Russell at Chasing Delicious says:

    These little guys look so good! I love upside down cakes but haven’t tried kiwi yet.

  12. 21

    I love this idea! The possibilities are endless, and how cute or those mini cakes…I’ve been dieting lately, seems like a great way to portion control also!

  13. 22
    Natalie@DeconstructingTheHome says:

    This is such a great idea. All my favorite flavors together! These would be great brushed with a little coconut rum before adding the additional coconut in the end. Thanks for sharing!

  14. 23

    what a supercool idea! Adorable!

  15. 24

    I’ve never seen nor heard of gold kiwi’s. Love these little upside down cakes you made with them.

    • 25

      well Paula they are very different from the green ones you typically see, they are sweeter, with a smooth skin and I prefer them to the green kiwi, but will be making this next time with the green to see how I like it. Thanks for visiting….do you know how much I love your comments :)

  16. 26

    I would never have thought to make kiwi into a cake! What a great inspiration for one of my favorite fruits! Awesome.

    Sorry I haven’t commented in so long! I have kind of fallen off the blogosphere this summer but, I still have been following and still love your recipes and will be a more devoted follower starting now!

    Thanks for always posting such awesome pieces :)



    • 27

      I’m so happy you left a comment. It really turned my day around. Glad you enjoyed the recipe my son just asked me if I could make them again, he loved them so much.
      I hopped over to your blog and love your walking tacos and those pumpkin ravioli :) YUM.

  17. 28

    Diane these could be very dangerous to my thighs…. anything with the word “mini” in the title means I can eat at least 6 before starting to worry, right? <3 these!

  18. 30

    I cannot wait to try these these little jewels! Thank You for such a Great Idea!

  19. 31

    Hi Diane, I switched the flour for gluten free flower and used spray oil instead of butter for greasing but the kiwi and sugar stuck to the bottom of the pan! Any tips for getting them out smoothly? Thanks.

    • 32

      I do find spray oil does often stick, so I would try butter, it helps the sugar caramelize which tastes delicious.


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