Father’s Day Card

#1 dad Falthers Day shirt craft @createdbydiane
What cute Father’s Day cards!
I used stiff paper, it might be easier with thinner paper, but what ever you make them out of Dad is sure to like them.
You can make them out of think fabric or paper napkins also, such a great idea when everyone sits down to dinner to see shirts on all their plates.
Fathers Day Craft
Begin with a square and fold all corners to the center.
Fathers Day Craft
Then fold each side to the center covering all the folds.
Fathers Day Craft
It will look like this when you are finished.
Fathers Day Craft
Turn it over and then fold down toward you one inch.
Fathers Day Craft
Turn it back over and fold the top corners down to make the shirts collar.
Fathers Day Craft
Fold the bottom center pieces outward and these will be the sleeves of the shirt.
Fathers Day Craft
finally fold the bottom of the paper and tuck it under the collar you created and press it flat.
Fathers Day Craft
Decorate it as you like and you now have an adorable card for Dad!
You can easily attach a gift card to the inside.
Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers Day Craft
You can even make it out of a paper napkin

How about Orange made the cloth napkins here that is where I got the idea!
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