Chinese Chicken Cabbage Salad

I came across this photo while I was looking for something else yesterday and can’t get it out of my head.
I need to make this very soon, like yesterday. I can’t stop thinking about it.
I posted this a long time ago and thought I’d share it again (hope you don’t mind :)
 as summer approaches it’s great to bring to a BBQ or Outside party!
Love this recipe.
It will last in the fridge a few days without getting soggy.
It’s quick and delicious.
1/2 head cabbage shredded
2 scallions diced
1 carrot julienned
2 cups cooked chicken diced lg
sliced almonds
1pkg dry ramen noodles broken up
toasted sesame seeds
6T rice vinegar
1/4 cup oil
3T sugar
2T soy sauce
This is an easy recipe and even my kids like it :)
I hope that you have a chance to look around the rest of my blog and hopefully find some other recipes you like. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. 2

    polwig says

    I love this salad… yummy … I know my 2 year old twins will love it too they are totally hooked on flavors like these..

  2. 3

    Stacey says

    I want this now as well. Yummy!
    Thanks for your help getting my reply to comments fixed. I don't know if it worked I had a really hard time finding something that might have worked to fix the problem. let's see what happens. Thanks for sharing all of your inspiration!

  3. 5

    alicia says

    This looks so yummy and I love that it will last in the fridge a few days too. Thanks so much for sharing and linkin up for tasty tuesdays!

  4. 7

    Patti P. says

    OH I LOVE THIS SALAD…. Now this I have the ingredients for to fix tonight. Always eat this till i’m sick. it is THAT GOOD. Thank You For Sharin’…. EVERY DAY THANK YOU…

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