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My Low Carb Ebook is very popular, it’s a comprehensive ebook full of what I eat, recipes, what to order when out to eat, lots of tips and tricks I use to stay on track, and how I keep at my goal weight for years.

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lemon recipe collection that every lemon lover must have
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cookies all with ONE dough, a tray full of beautiful cookies make easy and in different flavors
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soup recipes everyone should have for comfort meals in minutes
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pasta and noodles with delicious sauce recipes you make often
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low carb cole slaw pack recipes
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pumpkin flavored recipes you will want to make all year
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chocolate recipes that you can eat ever single day
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#Cupcakes Tips Tricks and #Recipes from @createdbydiane
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I compiled some great recipes in each ebook to make it easy for you to prepare what you love with ease.

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  • LEMON: recipes you’ll pucker up to, this ebook is full of delicious lemon recipes and you can buy now, CLICK HERE to purchase
  • COOKIES: we all love cookies and there is nothing better than a gorgeous tray of a variety of flavored cookies that takes under 2 hours to make, no need to slave all day for on baking or bake 8 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange, this is the way to go! Buy my COOKIES all with ONE Dough Ebook HERE,  it will be your new favorite ebook!
  • SOUP: there really is no better comfort food than soup, it’s perfect to enjoy as a meal all on its own or make it the start to any dinner, these soup recipes take under 30 minutes to make and you will be making them ALL the time, this ebook is a valuable ebook for all your comfort food needs. 
  • Noodles: I’m a pasta lover and these recipes are sure to help you get delicious dinners on the table fast. CLICK to buy this ebook 
  • Pumpkin recipes you’ll love all year long whether it’s October or any month, there is nothing better than a comforting surprise of pumpkin any time of year! Get my Pumpkin Ebook, CLICK HERE
  • Cupcakes: Learn all my Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for making GREAT Cupcakes each and every time you bake them. This is full of info, you’re bound to learn lots to perfect your cupcake skills.

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It’s perfect for Holiday meals, you’ll want this to help to simplify meal time during the holidays!

Holiday Recipe Ebook
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