Meatball Sub

meatball sub @createdbydiane

Meatball subs are comforting to me in many ways. There are memories of them so vivid I could almost taste them.... It had been raining for days and to get out of the house for a while my mom made meatballs in sauce and put them in her yellow Pyrex bowl, you know the one all moms had in the … [Read more...]


Penne with Spicy Vodka Sauce


Penne with Vodka Sauce get spiced up! You will not believe how easy it is to make this fabulous pasta sauce. It's almost too easy. You'll think there is more to it, but I'm sharing all my secrets on this one, but lets let everyone think it's WAY more difficult than it is, ok? Spicy Vodka … [Read more...]


Pasta Fagioli in 30 Minutes

Pasta Fagioli with Smart n Final First Street products

 No better time for soup than a cool winter night. Pasta Figioli has always been a favorite around here. I like that it's quick and easy to make and on the table in under thirty minutes. The key for me to have this soup cook quickly is to be sure all the items are chopped up small enough to cook … [Read more...]


Shrimp Fra Diavolo

How to make Shrimp Fra Diavolo Dinner in 30 minutes

This is one DELICIOUS dish that should be at the top of everyone's must make list! Shrimp Fra Diavolo I've loved shrimp or as long as I can remember, as well as clams lobster and scallops. I often order seafood when I go out to eat. I typically think to myself, I make chicken at home. Since my … [Read more...]