Lavender Scones @createdbydiane

Lavender Scones

Oh my goodness the temperature this morning was 65. I threw on a sweatshirt, knowing the cooler temperatures wouldn’t last long. They may not even last until noon. Nothing like heating up the oven and making a pot of tea to enjoy with some wonderfully delicious scones. Don’t get me wrong I love the hot…

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Eggnog Scones @createdbydiane

Eggnog Scones

The Holidays are upon us now. No better way to get ready, than some warm and delicious scones with a flavor made for holidays. Eggnog! Oh these will be made again and again this season, I can tell already. Especially since the first batch went so fast as did the second! Save Print Eggnog Scones…

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Pumpkin and Graham Cracker Scones @createdbydiane

Pumpkin and Graham Cracker Scones

I had no idea Graham Crackers were created in New Jersey! What a coincidence. So was I. Well that is the fun fact for today! I just love the yummy taste of graham crackers and graham cracker pie crust so the thought of adding graham cracker crumbs to my favorite Pumpkin Scone Recipe seemed like it…

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Biscoff Scones @createdbydiane

Biscoff Scones

What is Biscoff? Well for as long as I can remember these yummy cookies were served on Delta Airlines. Other than that it’s just the memory of the delicious crisp cookie. Now there is Biscoff Spreads, creamy, chunky, chocolate dipped Biscoff Cookies…oh my they are everywhere. Well maybe not everywhere, but I did find the…

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12 Days of Christmas Treats

From Dec. 1-12 I blogged  12 days of Christmas Treats Here is the list in case you missed any. Snowflake Cookies Candy Cane Cupcake Shortbread with Raspberry Jam Shortbread Santa Hat Christmas Tree Cupcakes Christmas Hydrangea Cupcake White Chocolate Pretzels with Pistachio and Cranberries Eggnog Cupcakes Cranberry Almond Scones Snowman Cupcakes Santa Hat Cupcakes Pink Winter Cookies and…

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