zucchini pizza @createdbydiane

Zucchini Pizza

YIPPEE!!!! It’s Friday, I just love the end of the week and as a kid that meant chances were there was going to be pizza. Yeah, Fridays are SO great that way. We don’t always have pizza on Fridays but I really wish we did, don’t you? I never get tired of pizza, the endless…

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French Bread Pizza @createdbydiane

French Bread Pizza

The other day I was thinking I haven’t had French Bread Pizza since well….forever I recall my brother and I getting some in the frozen section of the grocery store. It was perfect for quick food on the go, running around from practices to games and wherever else we teenagers we busy going. We knew…

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Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza with Turkey and Roasted Cranberries @createdbydiane

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Pizza with Turkey and Roasted Cranberries

With large Holiday cooking often comes leftovers. Here is a quick easy and delicious pizza to make with turkey. Of course if you don’t have turkey leftovers you can substitute chicken in this recipe. Decisions on what to make with all the leftover turkey brings for some interesting dishes. Instead of a soup, casserole or sandwich…

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pizza cupcakes @createdbydiane

Pizza Cupcakes

    Pizza Cupcakes When I was growing up pizza on Fridays was a pretty common thing. Sometimes we ‘d even run into our neighbors when we were picking up our takeout order. I still order pizza the way I did then. Large plain pie. That’s what I grew up saying and now never had…

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