Hard Boiled Eggs-How to and recipes

hard boiled egg sandwich

This is an easy sandwich to make, and it sure is good. Sometimes the simplest things often are. Don't you think? I often have hard boiled eggs in the fridge as my family loves them, well some of them like the whites only, I think they are crazy. I like the yolks just as much. It's great having … [Read more...]


Crepes with Eggs and Bacon

Frieda's Crepes with eggs and bacon

Crepes are light and fluffy and are filled with lots of deliciousness, like Crepe Suzette that are filled with caramelized butter and orange juice or orange liquor, I always loved when my mom would make them. They seemed fussy to me. I couldn't wait to give these crapes from Frieda's a … [Read more...]


Spaghetti for breakfast with bacon

This is a keeper! If you recall earlier this week I made spaghetti for breakfast, but it wasn't exactly as I had planned. I was going to make them, but my cinnamon sugar shaker and my pepper shaker look the same in the cabinet. In a hurry, I grabbed the cinnamon sugar instead of the pepper. It … [Read more...]