Baked Refried Beans and Eggs
  • 1 can Old El Paso Traditional Refried Beans
  • 2 oz grated Pepper Jack Cheese
  • 2 diced scallions
  • ⅓ cup grape tomatoes sliced
  • 3 tablespoons chopped cilantro
  • ½ cup crumbled bacon
  • 3 eggs
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees,
  2. Heat cast iron skillet on the stove on high until it's hot.
  3. Place refried beans in skillet(I use a 12" cast iron skillet) and turn heat to medium until beans soften and are easy to spread.
  4. Turn heat off.
  5. Spread beans into a smooth layer.
  6. Add cheese, scallions, tomatoes, cilantro, bacon and crack eggs on top.
  7. Place in 350 degree oven for 10-12 minutes, or until eggs are the doneness you prefer.
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