Blueberry Margarita
  1. In a cocktail shaker add tequila and lim juice with ice and shake to mix and get everything icy cold.
  2. You can add the blueberry syrup in the shaker if you like to serve the drink all mixed up, or you can add the syrup after pouring it into the glasses. It has a layered effect and the syrup drops to the bottom, then just stir before drinking.
  3. Either way, it's pretty and delicious.
  4. Rim the glasses with lime and salt.
  5. Pour the mix into a glass of ice, and strain out the ice you have in the shaker, that ice is already melting. *that's a tip for a really cold drink! Lots of fresh ice.
  6. Garnish with lime slices and drop in some blueberries.
*If yoiu prefer a QUICK and easy margarita and have made the blueberry syrup, simply rim your glass with salt. Pour in ready made margarita mix (that has the tequila in it) and add and ounce or two of blueberry syrup. A delicious drink doesn't get any quicker than that!
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