How to make an ice cream cake from pancake mix

I’m on a pancake kick!

Pancakes are so easy to make and can adapt to just about anything. Remember when I made a Pancake Cake. Who said it’s not okay to play with food!



There really is nothing better to me than cold ice cream, hot fudge and cake, in this case PANCAKE!

I prepared Smart and Finals Pancake mix similar to when I made Buttermilk Pancake Cupcakes with Maple Frosting and Bacon they were delicious and fun to make. I wanted it the consistency to resemble cake batter, not thin and not super thick.

21/2 Cups Pancake Mix

2 Cup Milk

mix and pour into a bundt pan that has been sprayed with baking spray. I use Smart and Final’s Bak Klene spray. It make release of baked items a breeze.

I baked the bundt for 22 minutes in a 325 preheated oven. I checked it every couple minutes after 15 so that it would not become dry.

Once cooled completely I sliced the bundt in half like a bagel,


then I spread chocolate ice cream that was just soft enough to spread.


Looks like a giant bagel, with ice cream….hmmmm theres an idea! Maybe not.

I added some hot fudge, whipped cream and strawberries. Oh what a feast we had!

Pancake mix is so versatile who knew, well it does say cake in the name!

This is not a sponsored post from Smart and Final, I just happen to love their products and think they are wonderful!





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    • 3

      Diane says

      I thought so too, it’s like an amped up angel food cake idea of strawberry shortcake, well kinda!

    • 7

      Diane says

      Danielle you are so funny! This is pancake mix really anyone can make it, it’s as easy as boiling water. Come on girl, you can do it!

  1. 14


    This looks dangerously delicious. Cake and ice cream is my favorite dessert by far. Using the pancake mix is brilliant. I just might have to try this out…and soon!

  2. 15


    How delicious! Looks so good I think I could eat the whole thing…but I wouldn’t because I have a feeling this is not a low-calorie snack. Love the clever use of pancakes in this recipe!


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