Camera Strap Cover


I’m been hoping to make a camera strap cover for about a year now. Since my plan wasn’t going well and my sewing machine hasn’t moved in a while, I decided to order one.
It was the BEST decision.
I went on SewTamz etsy shop and searched through her beautiful array of styles and designs. I saw some red fabric and then I started noticing some ruffles, two things I love! I sent her an email and asked if she could make me one with the red damask, red minky (which is super soft!!!) and oh the ruffle, she let me know what ruffles were available and…’s just beautiful! She did an amazing job. My camera strap is now soft and comfortable and looks, oh so pretty. I’ve already received so many compliments!
Stop on by and see how you can dress up your camera strap! She has lots of styles and colors to choose from, she can personalize them too.


I love seeing what she’ll post next on her facebook SewTamz page!

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