My Virtual Birthday Party


Today is my birthday!
This year my birthday is not quite going as planned. I’ll try to spare you the details, but being sick in bed for a few days, then a sinus infection just about sums it up. I did want to celebrate. We cancelled our plans last night and hope that we will be celebrating later in the week. Today there are other activities to get the kids to and I’ll just have to be patient. 

I did have an idea though…
I thought it would be fun to have a virtual birthday party.

I am baking for something else today first, (and hope to get the cake I’d really like made) but was glad to have a bit of brownie mix left from the baking I’m doing  and while it was still warm, I made myself a birthday brownie!

I baked the extra batter it in a 4 inch pan, cut it in fourths and then put cream cheese icing in between the pieces added some colorful jimmies and yes, it’s was still warm. I put a candle on it, made a wish and viola’ here you have it.

I’m a complete attention getter on my birthday, well not really but this is a virtual party. 

As I was blowing out the candle today, my wish is that YOU all have a wonderful year. I’m blessed with such great friends real and virtual and wanted to share with you my wonderful day.


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