Rainbow Jimmies

 Is there anything better than a vanilla ice cream cone with 

rainbow jimmies 

on a hot day?
It sure seems like we are in the heat of summer,
today was 98 degrees!
Yes, it’s November 3rd you read it correctly…
 98 degrees.
Nothing better 

Unless of course you don’t have ice cream,
 but you have a giant cupcake in a flower pot 
with frosting that resembles ice cream
 and rainbow jimmies?!? 
That is sure to help, don’t you think?
I had purchased a kit that came with cake mix and a flower pot to bake it in. I thought it would be great to see if it baked up nice, then I could use terra cotta pots to bake cupcakes in for Mother’s Day or for cupcakes for someone who loves flowers. It took a while to bake, at one point I started to wonder if the inside would cook at all. I added chocolate chips into the mix and thought maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. It turned out to be a great idea. The top of the cupcake was firm, but inside was this delicious cake with gooey chocolate :) like molten cake almost, but fully cooked. I don’t think the fact that this wasn’t ice cream entered anyones mind once they dug in to the deliciousness!
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  1. 4

    Raina says

    Rainbow jimmies are my daughters favorite. Your cupcake looks beautiful. What a great idea to make smaller ones for Mother's Day:)

    I can't believe it is 98 there! You are lucky. It was in the 40's this morning here and no sun for two days:(

  2. 6

    The Captain's Daughter says


    It's cold here in North Carolina, but please save some of that sunny weather in your pocket for me because we are headed your way (Monterey and Disneyland!) on 12/17 for Christmas with my parents!!

  3. 7

    Kate H.(www.sprinkletherapy.blogspot.com) says

    Hey Diane!

    I was wondering..do you think you could use a regular mini flower pot to cook these in?

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