Love the smell of pumpkin baking

I really love the smell and taste of all the wonderful pumpkin goodies. The smell of pumpkin pie spice makes me wish they’d add sugar so I could just shake it on my tongue :) like a fall snowflake. or should I say a fall candied snowflake. There will be lots of pumpkin pies being made today, I’m sure as well as many consumed tomorrow. I hope to get another batch of pumpkin scones made in the morning. Maybe a new flavor is in order, after all I’ve made these so many times, and even shaped them into hearts and pumpkins. I make the same pumpkin pie my mom made. No secret recipe here, just the one off the can of Libby’s pumpkin. My question for you is…..Are you making pumpkin pie today? Do you have a recipe to share with me? Send me a link in the comments, I may just have to try a new recipe and give you all the credit :)

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