cupcakes for brunch

I’m not sure why I thought carrot cake cupcakes would be good for a brunch, but I’m glad I did.
Plain and Simple WINS!
cream cheese frosting on carrot cake cupcakes
As I was preparing brunch over the weekend, I thought I’d make muffins. Then decided cupcakes would be fine, I just won’t pile the frosting so high, right? These were made with a carrot cake mix, I substituted the water with orange juice and whipped up some cream cheese frosting with a drop of orange coloring and they were just perfect. My kids couldn’t keep there hands off them and kept asking how many they could have, 3 or 4. My answer was 2 after all it was still brunch!
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  1. 2

    grace says

    These look simple and perfect. I would love to come in the kitchen for brunch and find frosted cupcakes! It's like Christmas :)

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