How to make a rose sweeter

Roses are so pretty, is there really a way to make them sweeter?
Sweeter smelling?
Sweeter tasting?
Well I haven’t actually ever eaten a real rose before. I’m more partial to this type of rose to eat.
I just love how these roses looks!
It’s the perfect center piece.
Don’t you think?
I’m sure you are nodding yes, if you have a sweet tooth.
I made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting.
The cupcakes were quick and held a secret.
These were made from a mix, but that wasn’t the secret.
The secret is that I replaced the oil.
I’ve done that before, and used applesauce or pumpkin.
This time for a
  “Healthier Chocolate Cupcake”
 I used non fat yogurt, 
and they were great!
I added quite a bit of vanilla to the buttercream, so much that the color was no longer white. I didn’t mind at all I was planning on cream roses and was pleasantly surprised when the vanilla made them the perfect color.
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    Raina says

    Those are beautiful. You make the most amazing roses. Great idea substituting with yogurt. I always love healthy additions to goodies:)

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