I love Brie

and Brie with blueberries is so delicious!
I warmed the Brie slightly and tossed on some fresh blueberries, two of my favorite items-now mixed together. Nothing better!

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  1. 1
    Busy Working Mama says:

    Ooo…thanks for the post! I have some brie i need got as a gift and wasn't sure what to do with it :)

  2. 2
    Clémence says:

    In France we eat it simply with some bread (baguette of course) and sometimes butter (on baguette) or (red) grapes.

    Otherwise a great speciality of the 'pays basque' in France southwest was the ewe cheese and black cherry marmalade. It's just delicious.

  3. 3
    michelle @ blissful musings says:

    I have been craving brie lately!! Definitely going to try it with blueberries.

  4. 4

    My dad makes the best baked Camenbert, which is a lot like brie. You set it in a pan and flip it carefully until the crust starts to rise a bit (obviously you can do this in the oven or microwave as well, just make sure to watch it carefully so it doesn't explode). As a side cranberry gelee works quite well, or Lingonberry/Cowberry (which you can't find in the US as far as I know) works even better.

  5. 5
    Sue Sparks says:

    That melted brie with the blueberries is making me hungry!

  6. 6

    Oh, I have never tried Brie. It looks yummy though with berries and all. Wonder if I could get it here in Malaysia?

  7. 7
    Kim at Rustic Garden Bistro says:

    I also, love brie and blueberries. Looks like a wonderful thing to snack on… along with a torn piece of baguette! [K]


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