Perfect Cup of Tea

I wish you could smell this,
It smells so delicious!
It’s Chocolate Coconut Tea

I’m sure you could imagine the aroma…..but it’s even better!

Loose tea might look intimidating,
but it’s not at all.

This tea is from the California Tea and Coffee Brewery,
and let me just mention. They know TEA!
You can read about my first experience here
I love talking with Diane and Vern about all the wonderful varieties of tea they offer.
They create tea drinks that are unbelievable.
I’ve had their Thai Chi Latte and it was delicious.
Their Berry Black iced is my new favorite.

Doesn’t it look cool and refreshing?

I’m looking forward to trying their Green Pomegranate and so many more.
You can order their tea HERE
and also join them on Twitter and Facebook

I purchased this great infuser from them and LOVE IT.
The holes on this are laser cut and so tiny. You know that means there will be nothing floating around in my tea :)

The instructions are right on the package, it’s really simple
I just get out my teapot

place the infuser inside, measure out how much tea I need, then add the correct amount of hot water

Cover it for the recommended time…

 a perfect cup of tea anytime!

 The Chocolate Coconut is like dessert in a cup.

 I’ve had it iced too and it’s delicious. Makes a great iced latte!

I wish everyone lived close enough to stop in for their great tea.
It makes me wonder why I ever bought tea in tea bags, there really is no comparison. I look forward to working my way through their large variety. When I serve their tea to my friends everyone always asks where did I get such wonderful tea, so I thought I’d share it with you, and let you know that you can order their tea and have it too.

Located at
40315 Winchester Rd
Temecula, Ca 92591

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  1. 1

    Haniela says

    ooh this looks like my cup of tea.I love tea. I'd love some right now. It is early in the day and this would be wonderful. I never heard of coconut tea, and I looove coconut.
    Have a great day.

  2. 3

    The Redhead Riter says

    Oh I love the little tea pot! The design is delicate and so feminine. Very lovely. And yes, I would love to live close enough to visit, but you are on the other side of the country. I live in VA

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