pressure cooker and Country Bob’s Sauce

When I was at Camp Blog Away, Melissa told me all about Country Bob’s sauce. I couldn’t wait to try it, I mentioned that I don’t like BBQ sauce and she said it was not BBQ sauce.
I cooked a package of boneless beef ribs I had in the freezer in my pressure cooker.
 What a fabulous invention the pressure cooker s when you want to cook in a hurry. (I’ve had mine for many years and wonder sometimes why I don’t use it more often)  From Frozen to table was about 30 minutes. I pulled the meat apart and served it with rice and corn, and drizzled Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce over it and couldn’t eat it fast enough to get a second plate. I put their Spicy sauce on the next one and loved it even more. Great flavor! My kids and husband devoured their food as well. They all had seconds too, there were no leftovers! I’m not sure they sell it in my area, but I will be keeping my eyes wide open for it, otherwise I will order it right off their website. They sell Barbeque sauce and seasoning salt as too.
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  1. 1

    Maria Lopez says

    i won two bottles in a blog giveaway and we are also hooked! we are on the second bottle so i got to order some. I have looked at Albertsons, Ralps, & Vons and nothing!

  2. 2

    Stockpiling Mom says


    I love your post! I am so happy that love Country Bobs! So glad we met at Camp Blogaway!


    Country Bobs is available at Wal-Mart and Kroger and a few select other locations. You can check on the website under store locator to see if it is available in your area.



  3. 3

    Patricia P. says

    Love Country Bob's! Their barbecue sauce is great also. I live in Southern Illinois where it's made, so have no trouble finding it. Went to church with the late Bob Edson who is Country Bob. Used to make the best BBQ pork steaks for church dinners. Yummy!

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