veggie pizza

I just happened to have pizza dough in the fridge,
and decided to make a quick pizza,
I was glad to have so many yummy items to top it off with.
I can never have too much pizza!
I tossed the dough and added a garlic ranch sauce, then added diced scallions, fresh spinach, artichoke hearts with mozzarella cheese and then added romano cheese. Topped off with some oregano black pepper and crushed red pepper. It was delicious, hit the spot with a glass of wine after a long day and it was even better sharing it with a great friend!
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  1. 1

    Happened to have pizza dough?
    Hon, that's like Richard Simmons happening to have sequins.
    Of course you have pizza dough! Your a cooking ROCK STAR!

  2. 2

    Love that pizza! Pretty great! Don't think I've ever had it with artichokes and must give it a try!

  3. 3

    that looks amazing..

  4. 4

    Looks yummy! Wish I could have a piece right now.

  5. 5

    Looks so good! I love artichokes. Definitely going to try this. Thanks.

  6. 6

    mmmmm..this is the perfect white pizza

  7. 7
    Diane@InMyOwnStyle says:

    Hi Diane
    The pizza looks so good. What kind of pizza dough did you use? – from scratch or a packaged one. I am going to whip one of these up one night after work this week.