Spaghetti for breakfast with bacon

This is a keeper!
If you recall earlier this week I made spaghetti for breakfast,
but it wasn’t exactly as I had planned. I was going to make them, but my cinnamon sugar shaker and my pepper shaker look the same in the cabinet. In a hurry, I grabbed the cinnamon sugar instead of the pepper. It turned out to be a hit, but I was still thinking about this more savory pasta breakfast.


I’m so glad I made spaghetti for breakfast again, it really has been the only thing I’ve been thinking of.
Begin with cooked pasta, add to a heated pan, blend eggs with a tablespoon or two of water. Pour eggs over pasta. Mix as it is cooking, so that the eggs coat the pasta. Then top if off with some bacon and scallions.
(and salt and pepper :)
*Note to self Change the cinnamon sugar jar!




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  1. 3

    Shana says

    Oh yes ma'am! That is what I am talking about. Throw in some cheese and you are golden! That looks wonderful.

  2. 5

    Michelle says

    I never thought of having spaghetti for breakfast.
    However, we do eat breakfast for supper.
    So why not, and besides, the picture looks really tempting.

    *Round Robin*

  3. 6

    Amy says

    that looks great.. I would add turkey bacon.. Thanks for taking the time to join in..

    Have a great weekend.

  4. 8

    Christy says

    That looks good, and easy. I bet I could cook it, lol (I can't cook) and my 2-year old loves noodles!


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