Loaded Baked Potato Soup

I love loaded baked potatoes.
 I couldn’t think of anything better to make today thatn a hot bowl of loaded baked potato soup. It’s been raining all day, we are having the oddest spring weather here in Southern California.
That’s right.
 It’s raining again.
 There’s even a song  that says it never rains in southern California.
 I guess that was in the 70’s and now it rains here.
…Back to the soup.
This is a very easy and delicious soup.
Peel, cut, and boil 10 potatoes in water that covers them by one inch.
When tender, I mashed them with hand masher.
Then added one cup of milk that has been mixed with 1/4 cup flour and stirred it into potatoes very well.
Then added one egg with one cup milk and tempered it with the soup mix before adding,
 so the egg didn’t  curdle.
I then added two tablespoons Knorr chicken bouillon.
It will be very rich and creamy now.
Time to add some cheese.
I added 1/2 cup Mozzarella cheese and 1/2 cup Cheddar cheese,
and stirred it until it melted.
I topped the soup off with cheddar cheese, scallions and bacon.
It sure hit the spot on a cold and rainy day!
I had just picked up this cute soup cup and it came with the cutest lid, that has a few vent holes.
 I’m loving my new soup cup :)
It doesn’t look as big as it really is. It holds 3 1/2 cups. That’s why I didn’t fill it to the top. It’s great to have plenty of room to carry it without spilling, especially when you bring it all the way over to the couch and cuddle up to eat it!
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  1. 5

    mangocheeks says

    I'm digging the cup with the lid too – very cute. Also congrats on being in the Top 100, hope you get into the 50s!

  2. 6

    Cristina @ TeenieCakes.com says

    I love baked potatoes too, and then in a soup! Send some my way. Saving this to the recipe file. Thx for sharing! =)

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