Lemon Bars

I have never made lemon bars before.
Had been planning on making them….sometime, really I was..
Today was the day,
 but I didn’t make them from scratch as originally planned.
My mom bought a box of the Barefoot Contessa’s mix and didn’t use it and decided to give it to me.
Well it’s been sitting on the counter for a couple of days and today my daughter wanted to make them,
so we gave them a try. 
I’m glad we did.
They were delicious.

Who would have thought they’d taste so fresh and lemony.
We added the juice of two and a half really ripe lemons, and it sure must have helped.
Now I’ll have to try it, all on my own next time.
The shortbread bottom was delicious.
I’ll either come up with my own recipe or hope that someone will share a nice one with me.
If you have a great recipe, I hope you’ll share.
This was a nice mix to try out.
Thanks mom!

added info:
My mom bought the mix at Sur La Table.

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    Catherine says

    I love it when you can take a pre-mix and add your own special goodness to it. I am thinking your freshly squeezed lemon juice gave it that extra zip! It looks very dee-lish and yummy!

    Have a wonderful Monday!
    xo Catherine

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