Havana Kitchen Murrieta, Ca

One step inside and I knew I was in for a wonderful experience.
Havana Kitchen is a Cuban Cafe with authentic Cuban food.

They truly know how to prepare mouth watering food.
The Beef Empanadas ($2.35) were so flavorful.

I really enjoyed how crispy the Yuka Fries were, and the Mojo Garlic Sauce was yummy.
Their Cuban Sandwich ($5.95) was filled with roast pork and smoked ham inside the crunchiest bread, just perfect. It’s grilled with melted Swiss Cheese and the lovely Mojo sauce. 
No wonder they recommended it, it did not disappoint! 
Their Havana Chicken ($7.49) was delicious, tender chicken with a Citrus Creole Sauce served with black beans on top of rice and those sweet plantains were so good.

Delicious Coffee, just how you would expect it to be.

Certainly a new favorite!

Their flan is fantastic and you can enjoy it in their restaurant or order it directly off their website, what a fun gift to share with others.

Catering services are available.

Havana Kitchen 
41775 Elm St.
Murrieta, Ca 92562
(951) 696-0694
Havana Kitchen’s website

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Havana Kitchen accepts the Smart Card.

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  1. 1

    Raina says

    You are making me jealous again! Oooh..that place looks so good. I can't get empanadas like that in Mass. At least, I don't know of any place.

  2. 5

    bullseye3 says

    We can't wait to try the
    Cuban Cafe. I've had plaintains before
    in the town of Orange, Ca. at a Cuban
    restaurant. Murrieta is a lot closer.
    The Havana Chicken platter looks delicious. I sure would like to know
    how to prepare the plaintains, I love
    them. I'll let you know, how we like
    the food after we go

  3. 7


    My next door neighbor since diapers told me I had to try this place. I’ve been meaning to go, but been putting it off. Thanks for the pictures, they say a 1,000 words. MMM…I want that Cuban sandwich and some flan 😀

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