Brooklyn Boyz Pizza Oceanside, Ca

One step inside
 Brooklyn Boyz Pizza
and you will know what great food is!
Everything is prepared fresh daily
Take a look at some of the pizzas they offer,
this is the display case you will see when you enter.
It makes my mouth water!
In no time you’ll see why this is one of my favorite places to eat.
it’s worth the 45 minute drive it takes me to get there.
I arrived just as they opened at 11o’clock and they were still filling up the case. 
Oh, just wait until you see….
It all looks great and smells delicious!
Did you notice the square pizza on the top shelf?
That is the best Sicilian pizza I have ever taken a bite of
let me show something
You can see Kevin working his magic. 
Yes magic!
 He starts his day and prepares the pizza,
 when they open there is a huge variety waiting for you to select what you’d like.
His brother and partner Dennis was ready to heat the slices.
I love talking to each of them. It makes me feel like I’m back home!
They have been making pizza since they were kids in Brooklyn,.
With over 30 years experience you sure can taste greatness!
They’ve made pizza in Southern California from El Cajon to Hillcrest and
opened Brooklyn Boyz in 2009 to give you their very BEST!
When the Sicilian pizza was finished cooking and I was right there to catch it.

You don’t see pizza like this everywhere!

You know good pizza when you see it, right? 
The crust is crisp,
the sauce and cheese are in perfect proportions.
 Don’t you wish you could just reach out and grab that slice? 
It’s $2.25 for a slice of cheese pizza.
 How many do you want now?
But wait there is more…
maybe you’d prefer peppers, onions, mushrooms, and olives?
Maybe your a meat eater?
These are $2.75 a slice
What ever your taste you’re sure to find many choices here.
Would you like a salad with your pizza?
Here is their house salad.
How about an antipasto salad
Doesn’t that look delicious?
Would you like to see what I had?

Yes, it’s spinach salad…
 wait until you see how they serve it
spinach salad pizza!
Let me just say it was delicious!!!
Fresh and oh-so tasty!
I think I may have found a new favorite!

My list of favorites expands each time I go there.
I love their cheese pizza,
and their baked ziti pizza
one bite of this and you’ll know why it’s a favorite.
Liberty is always busy preparing something delicious.
Here, she is mixing the eggs into the Ricotta cheese.
Last time I was in,
 I loved watching her prepare the garlic for the garlic knots
another favorite item of mine
these are rising
and then the little cuties 
 are getting the royal treatment below
let’s get closer
garlic, olive oil and parsley,
then sprinkled with Parmesan cheese
You can almost smell the LOVE!
If you can’t smell it, you sure can see it!
I love garlic and these garlic knots are amazing.
When they heat these up…
 all I have to say is, 
they are addictive!
I loved hearing Kevin talk about food.
 I felt quite special that he shared his passion with me,
and let me get a closer look at all the fabulous food they make,
it was an honor to be standing in his kitchen with him. 
Along with my spinach salad pizza today,
I had their 
Blackened Chicken (cajun style) sandwich
it’s seasoned with 14 herbs and spices and cooked in a cast iron skillet
Dennis described it to me and I knew I had to order it.

all layered on a toasty roll
Now that’s a chicken sandwich!
Every bite was fantastic.
They offer a great selection of beer
They sell 18 inch pies and offer a variety of specialty white pies with no sauce
along with Pasta and other baked specialties
I love their Eggplant Parmesan!
They have so many more items I can’t wait to try.
Here is a look at their menu
They are located 
off the Jefferson exit from the 78 freeway close to the 5
2183 Viast Way suite B 
Oceanside, Ca 92054
 they are on facebook, so head on over and become a FAN HERE!
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  1. 3

    cookies and cups says

    I have a place like this pretty close…I mean, I'm in NJ, so it's not that crazy..but this place looks great! Like it belongs right in Brooklyn. Love all the choices and I would totally get that spinach salad slice!

  2. 4

    Sparkette says

    It's pizza night at our house and I am not having it tonight. I think I may be going to get pizza for lunch now. Although it can't be at this place…dang that looks great!! YUMMY!

  3. 5

    Jana says

    I'm definitely stopping in the next time we are headed to San Diego….yummy! Thanks for the tip. Our favorite place in San Diego is the Burger Lounge. They serve grass-fed burgers…mmmmm. I may have to take a drive down south :)

  4. 6

    Raina says

    I want to live in California! That looks sooo good..each food item looks better than the next, but they all look so darn good!

  5. 7

    Paula from Amen Corners says

    OMG, Your post was amazing and what a wonderful tribute to the talents of the Brooklyn Boyz. Last time I saw pizza like that I was in Venice and was astounded to see a customer pour olive oil all over his before eating it. To "eat" his own.
    Love for you and your readers to link up today over at

  6. 10

    Justin says

    I grew up in New Jersey around a dozen tasty pizza places, after years of no luck in finding a place out here in Oceanside I was so excited to see this place open up down the street from my home. I come in almost every weekend and I can tell you that the quality of the pizza and the welcoming attitude you receive here is at par to the feeling I get when I walk into my favorite pizza place in Jersey. If you are ever in the area this is a place that should not be passed up.

  7. 11

    Jana says

    Well-we just did some shopping in Carlsbad and had to stop by for some fresh pizza-thanks for the recommendation-it was yummy!!!! We had the basil and garlic one.

    Funny thing-we called for directions and said we were coming from Carlsbad and the guy said-ya-I don't know where Carlsbad is….hahaha

  8. 12

    Anonymous says

    This Pizza is the best, You wont want dominoes or pizza hut any more after you try this, it is a hugh pizza, will feed the whole family, so feeding the whole family under 20.00 isnt bad in this economy . really good cheese on top too!
    would highly recommend.

    • 14

      Diane says

      It’s at room temperature and they heat it for you. If it was kept warm it would be very dry by the time you ate it I’m sure. Their food is delicious!

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