Spring Fever

I’m not the only one with
Spring Fever
our cats are typically indoor,
 but the warm weather arrives and they are just bolting out the door
to get into the SUN!
Jack is just enjoying the scenery and licking his chops, hmm..wonder what he’s hungry for.

Oliver is trying to find some shade in the hot sun,
must get hot with all that black fur.

Jack has found his shady spot and seems happy!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Yes, this is mainly a food blog, but I have spring fever and had to share!

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  1. 1

    Shana says

    beautiful cats. Our cats live outside but they have been so happy with the sun and will just stretch out and roll over on their backs. I love it.

  2. 4

    The Duchess of Wessex says

    I love Jack and Oliver!!!

    We had Spring fever here yesterday too – now today it's raining and 46 degrees. Brrrr! :( Thanks for the notes of Sunshine!

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